Natural Skin Care Products from Jojoba Butter to Coconut Oil

Natural Skin Care Products from Jojoba Butter to Coconut Oil

Skin care products made from natural sources feed the skin with vitamins and nutrients that are otherwise often processed out of commercial products with synthetic chemicals. Some of the best types of oils and butters for making your skin look radiant and your hair shine are jojoba butter, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil and bulk shea butter. Natural oils and butters that come from vegetable and nut sources turn out to be more than culinary delights. They contain essential fatty acids known to be necessary factors for resilient, healthy skin. The oils and butters have varying textures and hardness, but all of them absorb into the body’s layers in varying capacities and can be blended or used alone for different effects.

Jojoba Butter

Jojoba butter is created from the waxy jojoba oil of the seeds of the jojoba shrub and is similar to the sebum found on human and other mammal skin. Jojoba butter is colorless and odorless, a skin softener, and used as a thickener and moisturizer in cosmetics. Its oils are natural carriers for perfumes and essential oils into the skin.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of wine grapes. It helps regenerate cell membranes and is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for wrinkles in the delicate tissue around the eyes. It is believed to contain a high level of antioxidants for fighting toxins and to have antiseptic and astringent properties.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is a versatile vegetable oil produced from the pressed seeds of the hemp plant. It contains both omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids and is a rich moisturizer used alone or added to lotions and other oils.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is unique for its broad spectrum of uses as a cosmetic and culinary. Its saturated fat was thought for a time to be unhealthy, but in used raw or unrefined, it heals skin and promotes healthy hormones. Used alone or in combination with other oils and butters, it moisturizes and feeds the skin.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a rich natural fat that comes from the boiled and crushed nut seed of the African shea tree. It is used in countless cosmetics as a moisturizer. Many people buy bulk shea butter for its exceptional uses beyond moisturizing, as a healing and anti-aging agent. Shea butter is known for its healing properties that allow the skin to breathe. It has been known to help acne, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, chapped lips, burns and scars—even arthritis. It is also a natural sunscreen. Bulk shea butter is also good as a hair treatment, moisturizing dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, while penetrating the scalp without clogging pores.

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