The Health Benefits of White Tea

The Health Benefits of White Tea

In the past years, the benefits of green tea have been well publicized: when it comes to health, green tea has gotten all the credit as other teas sit on the sidelines, steaming with jealously. While this press may have been warranted – green tea has been proven to be beneficial to your wellness – it is certainly not the only tea worth sipping. White tea, for instance, is just as good for you and, in some instances, may even be more beneficial than its green counterpart.

White tea, in addition to being good for your health, may also be good for your taste buds; it is grown and preserved in a manner that causes it to lose the grassy taste many green teas possess. For this reason, many health seekers find it, quite literally, easier to swallow.

A Cup of Tea can Be The Best Solution for Everyday Wellness

White tea is actually a sub-category of green tea, one of many. These types of teas are among the least fermented of teas, thus reaping the most benefits for your mind and body. White teas are also among the highest in antioxidants, making them ideal for fighting free radicals.

But, white teas don’t stop there: they can help in everyday health matters as well.

According to a 2004 study at Pace University, white tea was proven to have a higher concentration of anti-viral and anti-bacterial traits than green. According to this study, white tea may help prevent strep, staph infections, pneumonias, and dental problems.

When compared to green, white tea has higher levels of catechin, and Gallic acid. The latter possesses anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. White tea also contains a lot of theobromine, the same alkaloid found in chocolate. This specific alkaloid is helpful when dealing with edema and circulatory problems.

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When it comes to caffeine content, the amount in white tea is similar to the amount in green. This can be beneficial – caffeine boosts the metabolism and may prevent liver ailments such as cirrhosis. However, ingesting too much caffeine can also have detrimental affects, such as memory problems, insomnia, tremors, and dehydration.

Green tea is no longer the only tea that allows you to drink to your health: white tea is good for you too. With similar, and often greater, benefits of green tea, white tea is a just as worthy of filling your mug.

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