Natural Treatments and Remedies for Your Child’s Croup Cough

Natural Treatments and Remedies for Your Child’s Croup Cough

What is croup cough? Hearing a child cough with a croup sound is usually very scary. Many parents all over the world would be panicking from the moment they hear that first croupy cough. However, it is not as serious as the cough might urge you to feel, and with proper treatment, it could be manageable to the point that no hospitalization would ever be required. Most children would usually have mild croup cough, while less than 1% of all known cases are severe.

Medically known as laryngotracheobronchitis, croup cough is a viral infection that most popularly infects children aged from 6 months to 3 years old. Bacterial infection can also cause it, though a virus is most likely. Most of these children experience symptoms as the weather gets colder towards winter. Nevertheless, as a child gets older, the symptoms get less and less worse, up until the time that the same disease would only present as a cold.

The symptoms of croup cough are quite scary, but you would be able to relieve your child from these symptoms quite easily. Here are some remedies, reliefs and treatments that you might want to know about:

1. Croup cough could sound nasty, and it would be very hard on your child because the lungs and throat are infected and are swollen. However, most cases of it are not as serious as a panicking parent might think. If a parent panics, a child would most likely do too. A fearful and agitated child would always have worse coughing fits.

2. Croup cough usually attacks in the night and in the cold. Moist air is one of the best things that you could give to the child. Steam rooms are good for children with croup cough, but keeping them in steam rooms could be quite tricky. Only do so if the child does not panic inside them, and limit the time from 10-15 minutes.

3. Vaporizers and humidifiers are necessary in homes where there is a child who suffers from the croup. Kids in cribs should be all right with a vaporizer under their crib and a blanket draped over it. Did you know that many children with croup cough frequently say that they are getting better on their way to the hospital? This is because moist night air actually helps a child. Take a walk out on the yard, but make sure that the child is well covered.

4. Milk is good, but not for kids who suffer from croup cough. Dehydration would not really help the child’s condition and could be very dangerous in fact. Keep them well hydrated by making them drink water and ice treats.

While croup cough generally presents as mild, it could turn into a severe one without proper care and treatment. If you want to save yourself from too much worrying of endangering your child’s health, the best thing to do is to get up, go to the doctor as soon as possible especially if you fear that it is something that is more serious than just mild croup cough.

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