Nesting: How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

Nesting – What Is It?

There’s a little ritual called nesting. Especially if you’re a first time mom, those last few weeks of waiting for some sign of labor can be arduous. You’ve got to find something to put all that anticipatory energy toward and what better way than creating a perfect space–prepared, clean and ready for baby to come home to.

So your due date has come and went. Fear not. You have tons to do anyhow, right? Nothing can make you more motivated to eliminate clutter in your life then expecting a new little bundle of joy. When nesting hits, you have the uncontrollable need to clean and clear every surface of your house. You’re not going crazy and having a sudden onset of OCD. You are now a certified nesting Momma. Nesting is a mother’s way of welcoming their child into safety and security, the very things that she will continue to mother her child with for the rest of her days. Never thought about it quite so deep, did you?

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Proactive Nesting

What you might not know as a new mommy is the head start nesting allows you won’t do you much good if you don’t also work to implement a plan of organization. With children comes stuff–lots of stuff! They need everything from toiletries, to baby sized rags, to pacifiers to… the list is endless. While you have that sudden burst of energy now, it’s time to decide where you will put all of it.

A good tip while nesting is to designate organized areas and spaces for all of the babies stuff, ahead of the little bundles arrival. If you don’t have an action plan in mind now, you might well be on your way to a cameo on “Hoarders” soon into your first months of mommy hood.

Let’s Get Started!

The three successful rules of organization all start with C’s: compartments, containers and consistency. At this point, you might have the majority, if not all of the supplies you will need for baby. Take a view of what you have and pre designate compartments and containers for each item. Once the baby is home, without preplanning, you might be inclined to place things wherever there is space. No need to feel as though you are losing things as well as your mind in your temporary new mommy malaise.

Products like The Windel are ideal to create an organized nursery. This is my top suggestion as The Windel is an all-in-one wonderment to keep you on top of your three C’s like a champ. It’s a luxurious cabinet that doubles as a beautiful picture frame. When you open it, there is a compartment for just about any baby product you will grab for infinite times throughout your day. Most importantly, there is an area for diapers and wipes, sometimes having these items out in your nursery can add to a lot of clutter. The Windel has pre-measured compartments to hold these items, while making them accessible from predestinated compartments. After that, there is plenty of room for other items you want to keep a close eye on or want to be able to grab with ease.

Other Tips

Baby Clothes:

Baby Clothes are a lot easier to sort through when they are organized by size and type of clothing item. Buy organizers and separate sleeping wear from pants, shirts from socks, and I think you get the picture. I implemented this system before my baby arrived, and I have kept up with it ever since. It makes putting away laundry a much quicker task

Sentimental Items:

Soon you won’t have much time to keep up with sonogram photos, medical bracelets and other trinket items. You will have time for scrapbooking later, I promise, but until then, set aside a box designated for sentimental items.

Paper Work:

Along with baby comes a mound of paperwork and important documents. Buy a flash drive to store scanned versions on, or purchase a file folder to sort and set aside these documents for easy finding when you need them.

Baby Toys and Books:

There are tons of adorable bins on the market made for children’s rooms, or you can even buy clear containers found most anywhere. It might feel too early to invest in a bookshelf for baby’s room, so set aside a separate bin for toys, books and miscellaneous items. You can even label each bin for extra organizational points. While they may not get much use of these items in the beginning, you will soon be taking out and putting away these items often. This is a good starting point before you have time to get more elaborate.

Baby Equipment:

Baby equipment can feel like it’s taking over your life as well as your household rooms. Appropriate a corner of space that these can be pushed back into when not in use. You may be under a lot of stress in the beginning, probably not best to add on the conundrum of finding your way around your living room without stubbing your toe.

There is plenty to do and to keep you occupied while waiting for baby’s welcome home entrance. Setting up your organization systems now will save you lots of useless stressing time later down the line. Remember to not get overwhelmed, with a few extra steps before baby comes, you will have everyone in awe with how much of an organized mommy you are!

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