One Week Food Menu – Economical and Healthy

Pot roast surrounded by potatoes and carrots

This menu has been included to show you how easy menu planning is. Of course your menu would be different from this one as it would be planned according to your family’s taste and needs.

Menu Planning Hints Used:

  • Left overs from Sunday’s Chuck roast are used to make sandwiches for Monday noon.
  • Baked beans, pea soup, eggs and peanut butter are used to keep meat costs down.
  • Chicken left over from Wednesday evening makes a delicious stir-fried dish on Thursday.
  • Some seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables are a bargain at certain times of the year. At other times, frozen or canned are cheaper.
  • This menu would be good for a week when the newspaper advertises roasting chickens and ground beef are “On sale”.


Breakfast – Fresh fruit in season, Scrambled egg, Wholegrain toast, Milk

Lunch – Vegetable soup, Salmon sandwich, Orange, Milk

Supper – Chuck pot roast*, Roast potatoes, Carrots, Wholegrain bread, Chocolate pudding

Snack – Toast, Apple


Breakfast:  Apple juice, Cold whole grain cereal with milk, Toast

Lunch:  Beef sandwich, Coleslaw, Fresh fruit in season

Supper: Baked beans, Tomato slices, Whole wheat bread, Pears with vanilla pudding

Snack:  Whole grain crackers, Apple


Breakfast: ½ grapefruit,  Wholegrain toast , Cheddar cheese

Lunch: Tomato soup, Peanut butter and banana on toast, Milk

Supper:  Meat loaf,  Cabbage, Mashed potatoes,  Wholegrain bread, Apple Crisp

Snack: Cereal and Milk


Breakfast: Orange juice, Hot oatmeal made with milk, Wholegrain toast

Lunch: Split pea soup, Wholegrain bread, Carrot sticks, Milk

Supper: Roast Chicken*, Baked potatoes, Green beans, Whole wheat bread, Yogurt

Snack: Crackers, Applesauce


Breakfast: Fresh fruit in season, Peanut butter on wholegrain toast, Milk

Lunch: Macaroni & cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Apple juice

Supper: Stir fried chicken & vegetables, Rice, Oatmeal cookies, Fresh fruit in season

Snack:  Cereal and milk


Breakfast:  Orange, Boiled egg, Wholegrain toast, Milk

Lunch: Tuna casserole, Carrot sticks, Banana, Milk

Supper: Spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce, Whole wheat bread, Canned pineapple

Snack: Cheese and crackers


Breakfast:  Orange juice, Cold whole grain cereal with milk, Peanut butter on Toast

Lunch: Vegetable omelet, Wholegrain bread, Canned peaches, Milk

Supper: Take out pizza, Tossed salad, Frozen yogurt

Snack: Apple and sunflower seeds

The Author:

Produced by Public Health Nutritionists, Ottawa-Carleton Health Department.

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  1. Thank you so much! I don’t know how to start this plan if it wasn’t for your post. Very Helpful especially for starters. ^_^

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