Penis Rash – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Penis discomfort as a result of inflammation, redness, discoloration and itchy skin and other rash-like symptoms can be caused by a variety of different circumstances.

STD'S – Various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can cause rash-like symptoms on the penis and groin area. If a rash appears after recent sexual contact consult with your doctor. Chlamydia and herpes zoster may cause rash-like symptoms in some individuals.

Symptoms – Rash along base of penis and/or scrotum. May be accompanied by discharge, blisters, fever, sores or a burning sensation.

Treatment – Your physician can conduct a STD screening test and prescribe medication necessary for treating any particular infection.

Allergic Reaction – A variety of plants, soaps, detergents, lotions, jewelry, fabric and latex can all elicit an allergic reaction that may result in a penis rash. Some men are allergic to latex condoms and may decide to choose alternative materials such as sheepskin or non-latex based materials.

Symptoms – Penis itching, penis irritation, discoloration or dry penis skin or in the genital region.

Treatment – Cease contact with product or item that may have caused penile skin irritation. If you have recently switched to a new soap or detergent switch back to a more familiar brand. You can also use hypoallergenic products to prevent penis rashes from appearing in the future. Wash genital area with clean, cool water and dry thoroughly. Treat with penis health creme to keep area moisturized.

Infection – Impetigo is an infection caused by bacteria. Bacteria can affect your skin via a small cut or scratch. Scabies is a type of parasite that can infect your skin if you have been outdoors (hiking or camping). If penis skin has been exposed to a poison oak, ivy or sumac you can expect redness and irritation.

Symptoms – Redness, swelling, honey-colored, crusty blisters or sores.

Treatment – Your physician can conduct a screening test and prescribe medication necessary for treating any particular infection

Penis Skin Problems – Acne, eczema, psoriasis or seborrhea dermatitis may cause a rash to reappear on a regular basis. Weather (either extremely hot or extremely cold) can also cause rashes and other skin problems as a result of drying of the skin. In some individuals skin problems, such as acne outbreaks, may be brought on by stress levels.

Symptoms – Rash like appearance, dry and flaky skin. Reddish discoloration of the skin. Itching, irritation and discomfort.

Treatment – For recurring rashes and other skin problems consult a general practitioner or dermatologist. You may consider a variety of lotions or penis specific crème, like Man1, that may help minimize rashes and discomfort.

Health practitioners recommend a penis health crème that helps many men suffering from penis skin issues. It contains penis specific vitamins and minerals plus select moisturizers, anti-bacterial properties and vitamin e to maintain healthy penis skin and treat penis rash.

(In all cases you should always consult a doctor or medical professional)

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For additional information on the most common penis problems and how to maintain a healthy penis, visit: John Dugan writes about men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing author to Man1 Health.

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  1. i have a tiny dry scalpy patch on my ball sac and and i have a red (sometimes red) rash that is itchy sometimes. What do i do PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  2. As long as it isn’t STD-related the best thing to use is a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil. Unlike any other lotion or ointment out there.. it is made just for the penis skin and contains vitamins and nutrients that repair and restore the skin quickly and safely. I always keep a bottle in my apt… works great.

  3. i am a young man who all of a sudden started having something that looks like a rash both on my laps near my penis and under my scrotum can u tell me what to do about it

  4. sir i am facing problem like rashes inside the cover of penis and it becomes full red. in every 2-3 hr i hv to clean this with tissue paper because some white colur liquid is secreting continuously but not in big amount. i feel itching and while cleaning it is painful. it is just like skin goes off and it pain only when i touch while cleaning. i didnt had sex within 6 month. i am facing this problem from approx 1 week when i shifted to mumbai. i thought it some reaction and on 1st day i used soframycine cream but no effect and continuously increasing. please tell me some good cream for that. i will be very thankfull for that.

  5. Lucas C.

    i am a teenager and didn’t have sex so what could be the problem with me.

  6. Samsonvic

    A genital rash typically refers to a spread of bumps, lesions, or irregular patches of skin on the genitals. Understanding the causes and symptoms of genital rashes can help to properly diagnose and treat them.

  7. Izzi

    Pls help I need cure your help I have a very bad skin itching and my pennis as well….. Pls advice what could be the possible cause of this problem and cure.?

  8. JoeM

    The best thing to use on rashes and other penis skin issues is a creme called Man1 Man Oil. Unlike anything else out there, it is made just for the penis skin and both treats and prevents all sorts of irritation. Just apply it to the penis once a day and you will be all set.

  9. I’m a 21 years old male. I have black itching around my penis, 6 months before I have small rash was starts growing around my penis. Plz suggest me i’m so worried about it.

  10. am a 35 year old male my problem is when i was 12 i did have a wound under my penis then from there was small rash was starting growing around my penis ,please help i am so worried how can i end this disease?

  11. hi i am suffering from red rashes and patches over glance penis or inner skin of happens self or remains at least for 3 to 4 days.i am using ointment. clobetasol+gentamycin combination to treat this.what i should do more please suggest me.

  12. I have used Lomela cream to whiten parts near my genitals. it has burn my skin near genitals it got red marks & itching. I have used Trioderm cream to heal it what should i do to heal ASAP. Please its urgent
    Age 26

  13. The best thing for most minor penis skin issues is a creme called Man1 Man Oil. Unlike any other product out there, it is made specifically for the penis skin. I have used it several times in the past and it works great. Easy to use and safe too. Check it out.

  14. Iam a 30year old male my problem is when i was 12 i did have a wound under my penis then from there was small rash was starting growing around my penis ,please help iam so worried how can i end this desease?

  15. Arnold

    Its been two days since I feel itchy under my penis head. I tried using a hime remedy found on the net, that I should use crushed onion as a past for an hour. I did so, it became better. But now I seem to experience the itchy again but its not painful at all. And the base of my penis head just turned a little black. What is it Doctor?

  16. naveen

    I am a 33 year old male. I am having some allergy on the head part of my penis and the inner skin of my penis. Consulted a local doctor. The doctors are saying that, it is just an allergy and giving some tablets and ointments.

    Give me your advice.

  17. Erick M

    please help me…i have a very bad skin itching causing rushes in almost all my body parts for the last 2 months.this has caused blisters and swelling of my penis…please advice what could be the possible cause of this problem.

  18. I ve discovered that each time I have sex and not cleaned mypenis rashes will develop. So what medicine can I use to stop the irritating health matter.

  19. Harish Kumar

    Please help me I am suffering from very hard allergic problem on my penis and some red dots on my penis it is very painful for me

  20. i dont know y this rash are coming on my penis again and again

  21. excs me:….i got some red color small rash on my will come and after 2days it will be gone its self ..but this problem is repeating again and again after every 1week ..what can i do …before 1year back i sex with 1 lady …but i not suffered from any fever and swatting …plz hel me

    • Rasheed

      Give remedy for it

  22. it medication or treatment

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