Picnic Hacks to Make The Most of The Season

Picnic Hacks to Make The Most of The Season

The sun’s shining, so what better time to pack a picnic basket and hit the road and indulge in some delicious food in the park or at the beach? Enjoy the outdoor dining experience with these inspiring picnic hacks.

Tried and True Classic

When planning your menu, don’t overthink it — the sandwich is a crowd favourite thanks to its easy assembly and simple ingredients. For a fun twist, pack sandwich kebabs instead. Use a cookie cutter to create fun shapes with buns and ingredients, then hold it all together with a skewer.

Pack for On-The-Go

Rather than bring entire condiment bottles, try using a muffin tray. Pack all your fixings in the tray and keep it upright and covered with cling wrap. For another cute trick, use small mint boxes to hold herbs and spices. Just don’t forget to label everything to avoid mix-ups.

Bring Double-Duty Household Items

The simplest things can become very versatile when used in new ways. Always keep muffin cups close by — they can be used to catch popsicle and ice cream drips, as lids for your drinks to keep bugs out, or as small bowls to hold fruit. Egg crates are also handy and can be used to transport delicate foods, like plums.

Think All-In-One Dining

Eliminate the need for extra packaging and stuff your finger food snacks and their dips in the same jar. Create double containers with mason jars and fruit cups to pack buns and flatbreads for dipping. Add crunch by grilling D’Italiano herb and garlic buns with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Put Freshness First

The summer season is peak time for local fruits and vegetables, so let the produce shine in simply dressed mason jar salads. Not only do these look amazing, but they’re also an easy way to separate your ingredients to help keep everything crisp.

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