Plants That Can Be Harmful for The Pets

Plants That Can Be Harmful for The Pets

Sometimes we fail to understand what could have caused our pets to get ill. In spite of feeding them well and taking good care of them, they fall sick or start behaving abnormally. There are some garden plants that can cause harm if your pets nibble on them.

There are some plants which are not advisable to be planted in places accessible to animals or kids. Basically, they could be toxic if consumed or ingested. Some of the common plants that we grow in our home garden can be harmful in some manner depending on the quantity consumed or ingested. A few such plants are:


Privet if consumed can upset stomach. The bush like leaves, small flowers that grow during autumn or any other part of this wonderful hedge if consumed by pets can cause them to act abnormally due to stomach ache.


These shrubs are also not very friendly for pets. If part of this shrub is consumed it can cause an upset stomach ache, diarrhea and breathing problems as well if consumed in large quantities. The foliage can also cause skin irritation.


Hyacinth is another species which is toxic. Consumption of any part of this plant can cause vomiting, diarrhea, muscle spasms. It also depends on the quantity consumed.


Holly is also on the list of plants that can harm pets. Any part of this shrub right from black berries to small flowers could cause an upset stomach. It is wise to keep pets away from this plant.


This beautiful plant has its own adverse effects if ingested. If bulbs, leaves or parts of this plant are consumed, it may result in vomiting and illness.

These are some of the plants that are commonly grown in home garden and it is safer to keep your pets away from them. Do not deny your garden these beautiful plants but yes, if you’ve got pets then do take care of them so that they do not have access to these plants. Grow your favorite plants, shrubs and trees but prevent your pets from nibbling on them.

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