Poultice for Boils

Poultice for Boils

Boils are outcome of a bacterial infection in the skin. They result in the formation of pus filled pockets beneath the skin. Most of boils fade away naturally after completing their life cycle. However, there are some boils which take quite a long to mature and form a head. Such boils get painful and also cause discomfort if they are located in places such as buttocks or under arms. For this, there is a treatment known as poultice for boils which is very effective for boils treatment.

Poultices are a safe and simple home treatment. They consist of herbs and some other easily available substances. They could be warm or cold in nature. The warm ones help to bring the boil to a head by increasing the blood flow to the boil region. The cold ones soothe the boil and reduce inflammation of the skin. Warm poultices should be replaced as soon as they cool down. This process is repeated a few times daily till the boil ripens. Time taken by the boil to form a head or a pustule depends on the severity of the infection.

Best Poultice Boil Treatments

  • Bran poultice: It is made by mixing bran with hot water. This mixture is applied over the boil once it reaches a tolerable temperature. Besides helping the boil in coming to a head, this poultice is effective in reducing the inflammation in the boil.
  • Carrots poultice: This is prepared by making a pulp out of boiled carrots. This poultice is very good for acne and boils.
  • Clay poultice: It is made by cleaning the clay of all impurities and then mixing it with apple cider or water to form a paste.
  • Kava: Kava Kava is a very old plant which has antiseptic properties. Its dry roots are used to prepare a poultice for boils.
  • Mustard poultice: You need to grind mustard seeds and then add water to make a paste. You could add a little quantity of flour to make it more firm and convert it into a poultice. Always be sure of not applying the paste directly on the boil, but instead use muslin or a cheese cloth.
  • Betel leaf poultice: This can be made by warming the leaf slightly and smearing some castor oil on its surface.

Poultice for boils are quite efficient for treating boil infections. A doctor would be the best person to guide you on the treatment in case you are not aware of those

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