Bed Bug Bites – 3 Common Herbal Remedies

Bed Bug Bites - 3 Common Herbal Remedies

Bed Bugs are pests and can never be pets. They are self declared enemies of men since time immemorial. They date back to as far as the time of the cave dwellers, to the classical Greece and the medieval times having been documented in ancient writings. They are never recorded or never have been treated as something that gives any pleasantries to humans, except perhaps from a mentally deranged person who will keep bed bugs in his house as pets. Always the experience is painful, annoying and health threatening. Yes these tiny little pests could give skin infection and trigger complication to a human body.

Having mentioned health which has now been always associated to supplemental food remedies and herbal medicines, This brings to mind on how could the wonders of herbal medicines be applied for bed bugs nuisances and painful bites.

Bed bug bites may appear as innocent red marks. At times they appear with patterns when they do selective bites if their victims move during feeding. But soon it could grow into swollen marks, scratches begin and skin could crack open into tiny wounds triggering infection. This becomes worse to people with low level of resistance to allergies.

Though it was proven medically that bed bugs does not transmit diseases and cause outbreaks on hepatitis, HIV or plague, it is the magnitude of infestation that holds the major concern. When the number of more people are bitten from all sectors of society including visitors from out of town, then it is alarming case of infestation. War is declared. All hands of support for different areas of concern are welcome. Herbal treatment is a non chemical method which is environmentally acceptable especially the health conscious sector.

For non chemical methods, the washing with soap and water and applying ice are the most popular 1st aids. This is advisable to free the affected area of contracting bacteria through air or contact which could cause infection. Scratching is non chemical too but is not recommendable. In fact it is deplorable as this could open the skin and make the wound prone for infections.

The next big thing is the application of herbal medicine. This method is applied to stop the itching and minimize the pain. There are liquid or powdered forms which could be taken internally that boost immune system, correct imbalance of necessary nutrients and increase energy. Stronger bodies are more resistive to infections and complications.

Chinese herbal medicines are known to be good in bed bug bites. They are available in local Chinese drug stores.

The common herbal plants good for bed bug bites are as follows.

1. Plantain – These are actually common weeds found in parking lots, driveways and play grounds. To distinguish it from the other grass, its leaves have 5 parallel veins running along its length. A plantain has broad long thin leaves with tall seed heads. The narrow leaf plantain with small flowers are with long thin leaves. There are various Plantago species used for bed bug bites treatment.

2. Mud with herbs – they are known as the simplest poultice which means a moist form of medicinal substance. A herb concoction mixed with clay. Clay is a good medium as it does not form fungal spores. This may be applied with powedred arrowroots, potatos and mallow roots with grounded rice or oats.

3. Fresh Herb Poultices – These are pure herbs turned into poultices. These can be done by pounding through a mortar and pestle. Poultices are commonly done through chewing. Caution is required in proper recognition of the leaves. The safest to be chewed are leaves of oak and maple. If one is not sure of the type of leaves, leaves that are slick and shiny must be avoided. The shiny ones are usually not the type of leaves with herbal healing properties. If the taste is extremely bitter, it is neither the herbal one so spit it out at once. They are applied on affected parts with the use of a bandage. Other plants commonly used as poultices are plantium, wild geranium, yellow dock, wild mallow, chickweed and comfrey. The best herbal medicines for bed bug biters are those that were extracted from willow, maple, oak and hazel.

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  1. We have been seeing more bed bug reports in our local
    area. As a resort that caters to thousands we appreciate any information you can offer to ensure if our hotel ever contracted bed bugs.

    Our team has the exact protocols to remove them completely.
    Thank you!.

  2. I can suggest some basic measures that can help prevent the spread of bed bugs. Regular inspections of bedding, furniture, and clothing can detect any bed bug presence early, providing an opportunity to prevent their spread to other areas or guests. Additionally, bed bugs can be controlled through treatment by a professional pest control service. They use specialized chemical treatments and heat treatments and thorough inspections to ensure the bed bugs are completely eradicated. We hope this information helps!

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