Preparing Butter at Home without Butter Making Machinery

Preparing Butter at Home without Butter Making Machinery

Making butter at home is very easy and satisfying. All you need is butter making ingredients, equipment and proper methods. More importantly, you don’t need expensive butter making machinery to make butter at home and it is very simple and healthy.

Equipment You Will Use to Make Butter:

Expensive butter making machinery is not needed, you just need a bowl, jar with a lid, electric whisk and big spoon to press butter.

Ingredients and Methods Used to Make Butter:

Cream and salt are easily available ingredients to make butter at home. Whipping cream or double cream is generally used, as single cream is little thin.

Now, you are ready to make a perfect homemade butter. You can use different methods to make butter. After buying the cream leave it in the kitchen to reach the room temperature, around 22 C is ideal. Then half fill the jar with cream and start shaking it or you can use the electric whisk that can be used, as the butter making machinery. You will see that the color of the cream will be yellow and the butter appearing in the thin layer of buttermilk.

To separate the butter milk out of the butter, you will need to add cold water into it. Repeat the washing six or seven times until the water is coming out clear.

Pressing comes next after you have washed your butter successfully. Before doing this you need to get the water out of butter completely. You can use any method to press the butter in order to give it shape. You can do it by using your hands or with a big spoon as well.

After you have pressed the butter, you need to flavor it by adding salt. You can flavor or salt your butter according to your taste. Some people use more salt and some don’t. We all know that freezing butter for a long time will enhance the flavor or saltiness of your butter, so before freezing, you can choose not to add any salt.

You can shape it and store it for your future use. You will need butter paper to wrap the butter, which is easily available in the market or you can store it in boxes as well.

You can store homemade butter for about 3 months. Commercially available butter can be stored for a longer time. This is because they add stabilizers to ensure longer shelf-life.

Commercially, the butter making machinery is used to produce sour cream, sweet and lactic butter, which can be obtained from soured or sweet cream.


Making butter at home is easy and you can save your hard earned money. It will give you immense satisfaction and it can be perfect gift for your family and friends. People are using margarine instead of butter, which is unhealthy. Either you make butter at home or buy good branded ready made butter from the market.

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