Preserving Fruit The Right Way

Preserving Fruit The Right Way

Keeping fruits fresh for an extended period is not difficult if correct preservation techniques are applied. So before we get started, certain things like pectin powder/ liquid, lemon juice, sugar, ascorbic acid, any artificial sweetener, glass/ plastic freezer containers are needed first.

Over a span of time, fruits tend to darken. To prevent this, it is good to coat them with acidic juice such as juice of lemon, orange or pineapple. There are commercial anti-darkening products available in the market that can also be used. Soaking the fruits in ascorbic acid will also prevent it from darkening over an extended period of time.

If you do not wish to coat or soak fruits in preservatives, you can alternatively use glass or plastic freezer containers. These are special containers that will keep fruits in good quality under freezing conditions.

Fruits like apples, figs, plum, mulberry, cherry, peach, blackberry, and grapes taste great as jams and jellies. So, if you like to have these fruits in the form of jellies, then preserving becomes a lot easier. Just prepare the jelly and preserve it in a glass container.

Drying fruits is also a good way of preserving them. People like to consume some fruits in dried condition. Often fruits like apples, pears, and plums are dried and preserved. A food dehydrator can be used to dry the fruits in the form of slices. These dried fruits are stored in air tight containers.

Pint or quart jars can also be used for preserving fruits. Fruits can be hot packed by adding it in raw condition to hot syrup and then reheating it to boiling point. This should then be packed in the containers along with the syrup.

Canning of fruits is also a good method of preservation. Cut fruit into half and remove the core and stem. This will give you two edible halves. You can even slice the fruit the way you like. The slices are then heat processed and sealed in air tight containers.

Fruits should always be consumed when they are fresh and ripe. However, if you like to consume it after sometime, the above-mentioned tips should help you in preserving your favorite fruits for a longer time.

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