The Untold Story on How to Make Pear Preserves

The Untold Story on How to Make Pear Preserves

On how to make pear preserves there are many questions regarding on this. Why choose pears instead of strawberries or grapes maybe. What are the techniques on how to make pear preserves? What are the materials needed? and many other more. Pears are fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals like no other fruit. They contain antioxidants that are good for us. There are two types of pears to choose from, the bell shaped European pears and the apple crisp Asian pears. Pears are best in late summer and fall.

Pears soften once it is stored at room temperature that’s why it best to refrigerate them when it ripens. On how to make pear preserves, select only pears that are firm and fresh. Never use overripe pears in making pear preserves. Clean, dry and sterilize all tools and equipment in making pear preserves. Use the right canning method in making pear preserves to ensure safe and fresh preserves. Seal them properly to avoid contamination. Label them after processing. These are just simple reminders on how to make pear preserves that you should keep in mind.

Following simple tips, advice and precautions on how to make pear preserves is important. In succeeding this process you must know some factors that will contribute in making this preserves like pectin and acid. Here is a simple recipe on how to make pear preserves:

1. You will need 5 lbs. of pears, 5 lbs. sugar, pectin and water.

2. Prepare canning materials and equipments.

3. Wash, peel and slice pears in desired size.

4. Put in a large pot the pears and sugar, mix; then let it rest for overnight.

5. The next day, bring to boil mixture of pears, pectin and water. Mix as often.

6. When the pears have a translucent appearance and sugar has thickened then it is done.

7. Put pear mixture in canning jars and seal then do canning process.

8. Cool canning jars and label.

9. Store in cool and dry place pear preserves.

These are the important things to do on how to make pear preserves. You and your family will enjoy doing this at home for all the procedures and tips are easy to understand and follow. Gather now all the fresh pears in town and make a mouth watering treat for all.

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