Pro and Cons of Vinegar as a Weed Killer

Pro and Cons of Vinegar as a Weed Killer

There are a variety of weed control solutions that can get rid of weeds naturally. This is certain to help the gardener that prefers to avoid using chemical-based pesticides. A common organic alternative is vinegar. It is very effective at killing weeds due to the acetic acid ingredient in vinegar. Regular household vinegar contains acetic acid at 5% which is enough to control the outbreak of most types of garden weeds.

Also, this weed killer solution should be applied when you have favorable weather conditions. It works best on warm and sunny days and when weeds are exposed to sunlight. Try to avoid using this spray in damp conditions since the vinegar acid soon degrades in wet conditions.

Here are several pros and cons related to using vinegar as a weed killing agent:


Low cost – It is very cost-effective to create this weed killer at home. Regular household vinegar is very affordable and easy to obtain. A gardener can get access to the vinegar weed killer by making a batch at home or purchasing an organic weed killing agent from a local nursery. This is a very simple solution to make. Most recipes use a mixture of dish soap and vinegar to create this weed killer.

Natural ingredient – Vinegar is a naturally source material which means it is free of toxic chemicals and doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. It is produced from liquids containing alcohol like fermented fruit juice, beer and wine. This means it is very good for the lawn and garden and won’t harm the surrounding plant life or grass.


Low strength – Most of the organic weed killers are at a much lower strength compared to the harsh chemical-based solutions. This means it is necessary to apply the mixture several times before the weeds start to die. Also, the weed killer only kills the parts of the plant life that is above the surface for the soil. It doesn’t travel down the weed and attack the root system. This can mean the weed can start to grow back within a period of two or three weeks.

Localized application – This type of weed killer will destroy anything in its path, from flowers and grass to weeds. For this reason, it is best to use the weed killer in isolated areas. A great place to spray this liquid is between patio or pathway stones. However, if planning to kill the weeds in a flower bed or vegetable patch, it can help to apply the solution to the weeds using an old brush or similar to avoid affecting the surrounding plant life.

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