I wanted to share a way of treating Psoriasis. My husband has had it for at least 20 years, longer than we have been married, so I have never seen him without it. He has it on his legs (from the knees to the ankles), scalp, lower back, chest and arms.


We have tried a ton of stuff, like vinegar soaked wash clothes wrapped around his legs, creams and powders. He has even tried drinking Kafir to clean out his body. Finally, we heard about a Bleach Bath. Yes, that is right…a bleach bath with regular Clorox (has to be Clorox) no perfumes, extra thick etc. Just regular bleach. What he is doing is taking 1/4 cup bleach and adding it to his bath water. Once done in the bath, he rinses off with clean water. He does this every other day.

IT IS AMAZING!!!! He has been doing this for less than 2 weeks and it is 95% gone!!! If you are wondering about a smell lingering on you, forget it…he doesn’t smell. Try it!!

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