Purification by Earth


Purification through the four natural elements is about living in harmony with the environment. Native culture traditions name earth, air, fire and water and show reverence to their powers. Here we will discuss the purification by earth.

In many cultures people are required to take off their shoes both in the house and before entering a holy place or temple. This leaves the lower, denser energies outside, not only so they remain outside of holy spaces, but so that the earth has the opportunities to transmute them into higher energies. Burying objects in dirt is a time-honored tradition of clearing and cleansing. There are many superstitions about how to bury something, under doorsteps, under a full moon etc., but it is the Mother Earth who transmutes that energy and clears out the object, not where or how you place it. Many cultures also include ritual sweeping to move the energies and dirt out into the earth. The tradition of Spring Cleaning is following the path of Earth transmutation of energy.

The some Eastern cultures flowers are reserved for the gods. Before entering a temple, devotees buy bouquets of flowers that are used to make offerings. Considered the outward expression of her energy, the flowers are offered back to the earth as a cyclical sharing and connection. Inside the temple, the aroma and colors of the flowers provide a natural spiritual vibration that raises consciousness and the spirit. When using flowers for purification, always pick fresh blossoms. We create essential oils and flower essences from flowers, so these too are frequently used in homes and temple to clearing space and personal energy.

Stones have been used for purification, healing and balancing since ancient times also. There are many books about the properties of stones that can help purify a space just by placing them in the corners of a room or by creating grids and empowering them. One of the best of these reference books is Love Is In The Earth by Melody. Along similar lines as stones, crystals, the natural crystals, not manufactured lead crystal, are used to clear and rarify spaces. Crystals can be programmed to anchor energy or to purify your own personal energetic fields. They too can be formed into grids and with intention set to clear the air.

Salt is probably used by every culture in the world. It is a powerful purifying agent. It is found in large quantities in the earth and coats the ocean floor in deep layers. From Sumo wrestlers to the bakers who throw a pinch of salt over their shoulders, salt is used in many ways to clear and purify space.

Tree branches have been used for centuries as cleansing tools, brushing even the soil around a dwelling. The Druids believed the oak, yes and birch trees to be Pillars of Wisdom. The branches of the birch have magickal protection properties and are used the gently whack the body and the auric fields. We find this same idea in the Northern Climates where the switching is done after a cleansing sauna. Birch branches hung near a cradle purify the area and the lucky baby rocked in a cradle of birch to further purify its environment.

Mother Nature is well versed in the purification process. In the next article, we will discuss other elements to use for this process.

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