Purification by Water

Purification by Water

Continuing with the second of a series of articles on Purification by the Elements, we will now discuss purification by water.

Water is a great cleansing agent. It has been used for thousands of years by people who made pilgrimages to sacred springs and wells. Although it has lost much of its popularity in the 1800-1900s many towns grew up around medicinal springs, bath houses were built there and healing waters were bottled there. It easy to spot many of them as they retain names like Sweet Springs, Excelsior Springs, Hot Springs and so on. There are sacred wells and gods and goddess of the waters whether they are the spiritual entities of the salt water oceans or the fresh water streams. As water flows across rocks and around sand, the perculation clarifies it and raises the quality of life contained in its energies. Waterfalls are energizes by the rocks they tumble down, even springs gush forth making concentric circles that empower the water molecules.

If a pure natural source of water isn’t available to you, a bottled source will do. Do not use distilled water (It’s basically dead water.) or carbonated water-it normally has artificial gas pumped into it for the effervescence.

Many water purifications rites include Holy Water. While it can be obtained from priests, if you want to make you own, look for my article How to Make Holy Water. It can be used in many ways to cleansing. You can read about them in my article Ways to Use Holy Water.

Spritzing water with lavender essential oil or even myrrh will change the ions in a room to clear the air. You can also spray it about yourself, or of course soak in a purifying bath. Read How to Create a Purifying Bath for more information. You can increase the power of the bath by swishing your hands about the tub. It adds energy to the water and the minerals or oils you have added.

Cleansing your body with begins with drinking plenty of water from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night. Most people are far more dehydrated than they believe. To energize and charge up your energy pour it quickly through the air from one glass to another several times. The wait staff in fancy restaurants who hold the pitcher up very high and then pour it into your glass, aren’t just showing off, it changes the structure and taste of the water so that it is healthier and more palatable. At night keep a glass of water by your bed. Throw it away in the morning because it will have spent the night absorbing impurities around you and that were released while you slept.

Water is the essence of life. Without It, we cannot live and our bodies can’t function properly. Why not take the time to purify the water in your life?

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