Raising Wild Rabbits

Wild Rabbit

Wild rabbits that have been orphaned should be left alone as wild rabbits do not require human help. However, if the mother has been killed and a baby rabbit is rendered an orphan, then human help may be required. Wild rabbits have several lice, ticks and fleas on their coats which could be transmitted to humans. So do not handle one unless absolutely necessary.

When you find orphaned baby rabbits, the best thing to do is to approach someone who has experience in raising wild rabbits such as a vet or a licensed professional as it is not an easy task to raise wild bunnies.

However, if an orphaned baby is found and needs help, the following rabbit milk formula can be followed in order to feed the baby:

Rabbit Milk Formula


  • Sweetened condensed milk or goats milk, 1 can
  • Heavy cream, 3 tablespoons
  • Karo corn syrup, 3 tablespoons
  • Egg yolk, 1


Combine all these ingredients together and slightly warm. After feeding, massage the lower abdomen of the wild rabbit with a moist, warm cloth. This will help in stimulating defecation and urination. While raising wild rabbits that have been orphaned, keep them in a box which is made up of cardboard. Keep the cardboard base warm using a heating pad or even a bottle with hot water.

Remember that while nursing the wild baby rabbits, you must keep them warm all the times. Feed them only when their bodies are warm. Do not touch them too much as they should be handled in moderation. Since these bunnies tend to be very sensitive, they may die when they are handled by humans.

After nursing and caring for these wild rabbits, you may find yourself wanting to keep them as pets. Never do this. These wild rabbits need to be left in the wild. Moreover, they do not make good pets as they are naturally nervous and skittish. When wild baby rabbits mature, they become aggressive and will not like interacting with people. Most of all, it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets without the proper permits. Hence, after nursing an orphaned rabbit, it should be released to the wild where it belongs.

Baby rabbits born blind, naked and completely helpless, and weigh only 1.4-1.7 ounces (40-50 grams). After 10 days, they open their eyes. On day 25, the babies begin to lead an independent life, although the mother continues to feed them milk until almost a month of age. [source]

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