Beauty Tips and Secrets – page 6

Beauty Tips and Secrets - page 6

Beauty Tips and Secrets – page 6, submitted by readers like you! Advice for zits, smooth skin, blemishes, soft elbows knees and lips and more.

Beauty Secrets


You can use 100% pure clay kitty litter to make a mud mask. Kitty litter (which is actually just all natural clay) is the same ingredient they use in spas. You simply blend the kitty litter into a powder then add small amounts of water until it forms a nice paste. Apply and leave on for about 20 minutes or until dry. I have done this with my friends many times and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh!!



Toothpaste takes the bacteria out of zits and Clear Eyes (that stuff for your eyes) takes the redness out of zits.

Smooth Skin

by Leanna E.

For smooth skin mix sugar and olive oil and spread on skin in a circular motion. It gets rid of dry skin as well.

Remove Redness from Blemishes

by L. Hudgins

To remove redness from blemishes and to lessen inflammation (aspirin is Salicylic Acid). I take a couple of aspirins, soften them in a cup with about 2 teaspoons of cold water. I then blend to make a grainy paste. I pat this on the blemish. I usually keep it on overnight or while I clean house. I then rinse to remove and apply make-up as usual. If you are allergic to aspirin in any form, it might be a good idea to check with your doctor or avoid using this method.

Beauty Tips

by Kasha W.

Hi Pioneers,

I’m eleven years old but smart about beauty. Well my tip is for soft elbows knees and lips, use Vaseline but also use your favorite lotions, this will create fine skin with hardly any wrinkles.

Just for an extra tip: right after washing your face if you run warm steamy water in a sink and put a towel over your head and lean forward where your face is almost touching the water. This will unclog pores and prevent black heads.

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Source: – Ingredients for a Simple Life.

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