Beauty Tips and Secrets – page 5

Beauty Tips and Secrets - page 5

Beauty Tips and Secrets – page 5, submitted by readers like you! Fruit Mask, Soft Skin, Blemishes, Stretch Marks and more.

Fruit Mask

by SRI S.

I would like to share some beauty tips. Fruit mask with mashed avocado, yogurt and a teaspoon of lemon juice can actually do wonders to the skin as avocados are rich in vitamin E and they actually lighten skin colour. Trust me!!! It is cheap and effective.

For Healthy Soft Skin

by C.I.G

For healthy soft looking skin mix 1 egg, some lemon juice, olive oil, and water and wipe it on your face after about 10 minutes. Wipe it off and wash your face with cold water and soap.

Reduce Redness From Blemishes

by Andrea

To reduce facial redness from blemishes, apply zinc oxide (diaper rash cream) on your face like a mask before bedtime. Wash it off in the morning.

Skin Softener

by Alison C.

Mix half a cup salt and half a cup vegetable oil. Stir and rub into skin. The salt exfoliates the dead skin cells and the oil makes it soft.

Stretch Marks

by Barbara B. – Los Angeles, CA

I just saw your website and was browsing beauty recipes and saw the comment on stretch marks.

A family member told me years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter to rub pure cocoa butter twice daily over my stomach and breasts. When my daughter was born, there were no stretch marks at all on my stomach. Now in my fifties, I’ve been passing this information on to my daughter, daughters of friends and anyone I knew who was pregnant. My daughter now has 3 sons and no stretch marks. But once you have stretch marks it is difficult to get rid of. The key is prevention.

Some seemed skeptical but they did it and no stretch marks. It really works. I use to buy the Hershey’s cocoa butter directly from a pharmacy.

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Source: – Ingredients for a Simple Life.

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