Rejuvenate Tonic Herbal Tea Blend

Rejuvenate Tonic Herbal Tea Blend

What are the benefits of using Kidney Tonic Herbs?
First, let me ask you some questions:

– Do you often wake up in the morning still feeling exhausted?
– Do you need a stimulant like a cup of tea or coffee to get you going in the morning, or even throughout the day?
– Do you often feel like you’re ‘running on empty’
– Do you feel so tired by the time you get home from work that you just want to collapse on the sofa?
– Do you suffering from aching joints or other inflammatory conditions?
– Are you noticing your hair receding or greying prematurely?
– Do you frequently feel overwhelmed?
– Do you feel like you barely have enough energy to do what you need to, never mind what you want to do?
– Do you regularly feel fearful or anxious?
– Do you suffer from stress or stress related symptoms?
– Do you urinate frequently, even when you haven’t drunk much?
– Do you have an addiction or aversion to salty food?
– Do you urinate frequently?
– Are you frequently dehydrated?
– Do you tend to suffer from dry skin?

Here are the ingredients you will find in your Rejuvenate Taoist Tonic Tea Blend, as well as just a small, relevant selection of their many, well researched, time proven benefits:


– Key Tonic Herb for the Kidneys;
– Sharpens the mind, improves lucidity, concentration, precise coordination and focus;
– Improves both short and long term memory;
– Increases hydration due to its astringent properties;
– Prevents the leaking or wasting of Jing, our precious and irreplaceable reserve energy, probably its most crucial quality;
– Increases potency in men, fertility in women;
– Aids in preventing premature ejaculation, restoring sex drive, and increasing sexual endurance (worth having for this quality alone right?);
– Increases sexual desire, vaginal secretions, and genital sensation in women (worth having for this quality alone right?);
– Excellent to restore and maintain a youthful appearance and attitude;
– Improves hearing and vision

Ho She Wu

– Strengthens the tendons, ligaments and bones.
– By encouraging rejuvenation of bone marrow, slows down the aging process
– Long term use has been known to restore hair colour in cases where it’s greying
– Increases potency and fertility
– Promotes greater endurance and stamina
– Enhances the capacity to respond and adapt to stressors in the environment

Prepared Rehmannia

– One of the most potent Kidney tonifying herbs in the world
– Slows aging and therefore promotes longevity
– Works almost immediately to build Yin Jing, recharging your batteries, allowing you to heal and recover a lot more easily.
– Strengthens the Reproductive system especially, increasing fertility.


– Relieves aching joints
– Improves memory and vision
– Helps keep hair from going grey
– Increases endurance
– Rebuilds reserve energy


– Excellent for recovering from stress and exhaustion
– Helps the body to hydrate at a cellular level
– Reduces excessive sweating and frequent urination
– Encourages the body to conserve energy
– Helps the body fully utilise the other herbs
– Fantastic whenever you may be thirsty or have gotten dehydrated, like after exercise much better than ‘sports drinks’


– Again, fantastic for re-hydrating, excellent as a ‘sport drink’
– Increases softness and elasticity of skin
– Replenishes energy reserves


– Guides the other herbs to focus on tonifying the kidneys


– Also high in Silica, excellent for building bone strength and flexibility
– Makes the skin more smooth and supple
– Increases nail strength and quality


– Harmonizer, Helps all other ingredients to work together more easily
– Delicious flavor takes away any ‘rough edges’, of any other ingredients

This is a small overview of just a few of the most relevant benefits. Books could, and have, been written extolling the virtues of each particular herb, and the sum of all of them combined in this perfectly balanced formula is greater than the individual herbs. If you’re interested I highly recommend you research and find out more, you will be fascinated and enthralled, as I am, by their amazingly diverse benefits and long history of effective use.

The Author:

Elwin is the founder of Lion Heart Herbs, Europes number one resource for all your health needs, and Lion Heart Solutions. He’s the author of the forthcoming ‘Raw Transformation’ and creator of ‘The Easy Exhaustion Cure for Workaholics and Overachievers’ as well as being a regular contributor to the magazines ‘Get Fresh’ and ‘Passion’.

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