Soothe Yourself in a Relaxing Salt Bath

Soothe Yourself in a Relaxing Salt Bath

Bath salts are varieties of different water-soluble inorganic products that have been created to its utmost perfection. This is to be combined with your bath for cleansing and provide an improved sense of well being. Nothing is more relaxing and beneficial than to be treated in a luxurious bath filled with wonderful soothing bath salts.

Nothing is more relaxing and beneficial than to be treated in a luxurious bath filled with wonderful soothing bath salts. Way back in history, bath salts have been used for healing purposes. The Father of Medicine, namely Hippocrates, discovered the powerful benefits of using salt while bathing. He found out that injuries could be healed with salt that is combined with water. He also discovered that bath salts even alleviated the pain brought about by certain wounds. Plus, it can promote cell rejuvenation due to the enhanced exchange of toxins and minerals in the bloodstream.

The ancient Greeks, as formulated by Hippocrates, continued this practice. Then on the year 1753, Dr. Charles Russell, along with an English doctor, published the book “The Uses of Sea Water.”

It is indicated that bath salts are varieties of different water-soluble inorganic products. These products are created to its utmost perfection in order to be placed inside your bathtub as you bathe. This is an invigoration way for cleansing and in a proven method of improving one’s sense of well being.

These bath salts include the following:

* Magnesium Sulfate or Epsom salts
* Dead sea salt
* Sodium Chloride or table salt
* Borax
* Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda
* Sodium Hexametaphosphate – Calgon, Amorphous or Glassy Sodium Metaphosphate
* Sodium Sesquicarbonate

Among these bath salts, Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate and Dead Sea salts are the most popular. By adding Epsom salt in your bath, it can help enhance your circulatory system by improving blood circulation. It can also reduce instances of blood clots and hardened arteries. It also aids in lowering our body’s blood pressure.

As for this Dead Sea salt, research show that it helps to hasten wound healing as well as it has the ability to treat skin diseases like Psoriasis. Moreover, it is potent in alleviating muscle tension.

These bath salts are usually mixed with fragrances and essential oils to enhance one’s enjoyment while bathing. It is one way to rejuvenate, relax and to take out all the stress accumulated from work, at home or anywhere else.

The immediate effects of salt baths can benefit us in a lot of ways. For one thing, it will give you a feeling that water is softened. This is due to the fact that when you mix bath salts with water, it will make the water feel smooth and silky on your skin.

Another effect would be with regards to the Air smelling sweet due to its aroma. This is because, instead of the usual scent of bathroom odors, the scented bath salts will fill your bathroom with a soothing and pleasant aroma under the high humidity. Many as “aromatherapy” refer this kind of bath. It is a bathing experience that is combination of bath salts and essential oils. This is more in demand these days for the reason that in research, it has shown that fragrant scents can provide a positive ambiance on different types of personalities.

Moreover, it can create added buoyancy. When bath salts are added to your bathtub filled with water, it gives an extra force that makes you feel lighter when submerged in water. Such benefit can help you float easier, resulting to a more relaxing bath. This added buoyancy force gives you an uplifting feeling inside the bathtub as compared to standard water alone.

Aside from the latter, it can also provide a more soapy lather. As many would agree, the feeling of more soap later on your skin creates a sense of pleasure and comfort.

Furthermore, when bath salts are used, it helps clean your bathtub from any buildup of soap scum. The bath salts actually make the condition of your tub alkaline. This means that it is making it harder for the soap to leave a portion of scum.

Another benefit in the long run is how it can lessen, if not eliminate, stress. A warm bath with bath salts can give you a pleasant feeling of calmness and peace due to the wonderful and soothing scents offered by bath salts.

Bathing in tubs is a type of hydrotherapy. This therapy in water makes use warm water and bath salts due to the fact that they can help in the improvement of blood circulation, which is usually due to blood dilation. The result would be the sharing of more nutrients and oxygen in a person’s surrounding tissues.

The warm water can also relax your aching muscles as well as increase the flexibility of your joints, therefore relieving you of your muscle tension and pain. Moreover, it provides a massaging effect as the water induces your body in order to secrete endorphin, a neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of pleasure in your body.

Furthermore, bath salts are excellent moisturizers that assist in replenishing water and moisture loss in our skin.

Here are some of the different varieties of bath salts sold in the market:

* Citrus bath salts
* Moon Dreams Bath Soak
* Tranquility Bath Soak
* Muscle Soak Bath Salts

What makes bath salts more interesting are that you can actually make one at home. You can add essential oils and put in a decorated bottle and it’s the perfect gift as well.

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