Requirements for Keeping Cows

Caring for Cows

Keeping cows for profit requires commitment and considering a lot of things to have a good yield. It is not that complicated but it requires a good deal of resources. Aside from earning, having a cattle ranch can be a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor. There are a lot of benefits that can be had in keeping cows. You can get your milk, cheese, butter and meat. Hence your cows will provide you a nice amount of food source. Some cow raisers keep cows for milk or dairy production while others raise cattle for beef both of which guarantee a good amount of income. You can also breed cattle and sell the calves for additional profit. That is why in order to be successful in this venture you have to know certain requirements so that will help you in planning and managing your own farm.

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In keeping cows, you have to consider the land area you have. The number of acres needed for grazing is dependent on the cattle head. It is suggested that the cows can be left out to pasture so that they can exercise and walk freely. In the process they can also get trace minerals and natural vitamins from the grass when grazing, all of this for free. Having a body of natural water where the cows can graze can also be helpful since cows drink a lot of water every day. It is ideal to have a wide grazing land so that you can divide the area into several pastures. The purpose of this is to let the cows graze in rotation so that the other areas will grow grass or hay and there will be no food shortage. However, you can always supplement and buy food if your land has not yet produced enough food supply.

Take into consideration calves which require additional needs. Hygiene and cleanliness of their surroundings of the cows should be maintained. Other necessities like fencing, storage facilities, and other equipment should also be maintained. Keeping cows will sometimes require you bale storage and even bale feeders for your cows. If you are in the business of selling milk and dairy products, you have to buy a milking machine especially if you have quite a number of cows. Tractors, halter and rope, manure shovel, hay forks, and other farm equipment are also necessary. Irrigation system or other means of providing water supply is a must when you have a cattle farm.

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Choosing the proper breed for your cow farm is also necessary. If you are in the business of keeping cows for meat, choose those which grow fast and have less fat so as to produce lean meat. Look for healthy breeds and those which have a high fertility rate. When you are going to purchase your cows, make sure that they have been examined free from any diseases. As a responsible cattle farm owner or manager, you should know very well your responsibilities in keeping cows. This includes milking the cows, mating them when they are in heat, raise calves, etc. Although keeping cows entail a good amount of initial costs, it can give off a good profit and a steady source of finances in the long run.

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