Selecting Your Skin Care Products

Selecting Your Skin Care Products

Our skin covers and protects all other organs of our body inside it. This makes it our most important organ as well. Millions of cells which together form the upper most layer (epidermis) fall mainly into five categories. The various proteins and other products secreted by these cells decide the color and type of our skin. Apart from these cells, our skin also has pore spaces and hair follicles. Depending on the number and functioning of the above components of the skin, it can be of five different types: Oily skin, Normal skin, dry skin, combination or sensitive skin.

Before finalizing on a skin care regime, product or treatment for one self, one should know his/her skin type. You can easily know your skin type by wiping off your face with a tissue paper as you wake up in the morning. Now examine the greasy spots, if any you get on the tissue paper. In this article we will be dealing with combination skin and the issues related with this skin type. Following are the chief characteristics associated with combination skin type.

Combination Skin:

This type of skin when examined with a tissue paper, would reveal oily spots from the T area of the face (forehead, nose and chin). And there would be not spots on the paper when rubbed on the cheeks. This skin type needs to be treated differently on different areas i.e. oil base skin products for dry cheek and under eye area while thorough cleaning is required for forehead, nose and chin area.

While selecting products for your skin you would have to be conscious not to over dry the dry regions of your face and at the same time take care not to make the oilier regions greasy. It won’t be convenient to apply a different product on your cheeks and a different one on your nose. Thus you should select a product which could maintain the oil and water balance of the skin all over the face.

Amongst thousands of products available these days you can easily find products which would be labeled as being for those with combination skin. Or else you can seek suggestions from your dermatologist. But whenever you select and use a product keep an eye on the upcoming changes in your skin. Notice that the skin should remain hydrated throughout the day and the new product should also not be leading to any acne or pimples. These are the signs of the product not being suitable for your skin and thus should be diligently observed.

One also might have a different skin type for the body and face. In such cases the skin care regime and treatments required would also vary accordingly. These days’ the markets are flooded with skin care products, tools and treatments. Any of these should be selected and used only after diligently examining one’s skin type. Proper skin care products and regime can help one get radiant and youthful skin.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is a skin care expert from Hawaii. She has gained training for all types of skin care treatments, anti-aging treatments and many other skin care and cosmetic procedures and treatments.

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