Sewing Tips and Techniques

Sewing Tips and Techniques

Sewing is really considered an art form since the works of talented hands can be made into beautiful pieces of clothing, home decor, bedding and many more. And with today’s penchant to show off creativity via fashion, a renewed interest in sewing is seen.

Learning how to sew takes time and effort. It may not be rocket science but a certain learning curve is definitely required. If you start a sewing project without even knowing the basics of sewing, then you are almost certain to fail in your endeavor. To prevent this, it pays to know a few basic sewing techniques.

Sewing Steps for Beginners

The following tips will help you get your feet wet in the world of sewing.

1. Prepare all your materials before anything else. If using a sewing machine, prepare your machine and be sure to thread it properly to avoid any hassles during the actual sewing process.

2. Prepare your pattern and guide. Read the instructions before you try anything. Understanding the pattern and guide is essential prior to cutting the fabric as you cannot re-do the cutting once it’s done.

3. Prepare your fabric by washing and drying it first. You would want to wash your fabrics prior to cutting to ensure that it will not shrink after sewing the entire clothing.You should also dry and iron your fabric. It is much easier to cut fabrics that have been dried and ironed.

4. Securely pin the pieces of your pattern on to the fabric. Cut the fabric with sharp scissors to ensure that the edges are cut evenly.

5. Baste the pieces of pattern using longhand stitches to make it much easier for you to piece together the edges of the fabric. You may use bright coloured thread to baste your pieces together.

6. Sew your pieces on the edges and then remove the basting thread once you are done.

Sewing is a fun hobby to start and once you get the hang of it, you will soon be sewing different patterns from the simplest to the more complex. Just remember to be patient as it takes time to learn the basics of sewing, but you will always have fun while doing it!

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