Crochet Easy – Easy Crochet Projects

Crochet Easy - Easy Crochet Projects

For all those who have just taken up crochet – whether you have been a crocheter in the past and have been “away” from it for a while, or you have just begun to learn the art – I want to speak with you today about the sorts of things you might like to think about when deciding what to make. At this stage in your crochet life, you don’t want to be getting yourself into trouble by choosing projects with too much shaping, or by choosing intricate patterns that you are not yet familiar with. To get the most pleasure out of it you want to be able to ‘crochet easy’ – that is, relaxed and peaceful.

So what kind of easy crochet projects should you be looking at? The best starter projects are ones which can be made from basic square or rectangular shapes, crocheted in basic stitches. You can do all sorts of things with work like this. To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few I have thought of:

A simple ‘tote’ made of 1 rectangular piece, lined with something sensuous, colorful, cute, or otherwise interesting, with a pair of handles, perhaps in wood, or bamboo, or anything else that takes your fancy Ditto in a much smaller version, but lined with a light, washable plastic or terylene (shower curtain material), and including a clasp – would make a lovely make-up purse.

A scarf in soft, fine yarn – do it on a big hook and make it light as a feather You could make some pretty pot holders in a good cotton yarn – easily washable and always handy – just remember to pad them so they are heat-proof!

How about a lovely bookmark, crocheted quite tightly, in a silky yarn with a soft sheen – you could put some pretty embroidery on it.

Or how about making a simple stuffed toy, for some little person you love, with various rectangles and squares?

Now it is up to you, and I am sure you will find something that you will be really glad to make. I hope you enjoy all of the creative process and that you will crochet easy as you go!

If you are having trouble deciding what would be a good basic project to get started on, you will find many especially selected pattern books and other resources on my blog, so head on over there and take a look around. There is helpful hints and tips on Get A Handle On It All, and Granny Square Crochet. There is also a link to a terrific book I have found which will take you in hand from the very beginning of crochet and teach you all you need to know, as well as giving you some great ideas on the way. Enjoy your craft – crochet easy!

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