How to Crochet – Back to Basics

How to Crochet - Back to Basics

The beautiful art of crochet is currently seeing an upsurge in popularity because of the gorgeous crocheted garments and accessories that are fashionable at the moment, and I’m sure there are plenty of ladies who have included an up-to-the-minute crocheted garment into their wardrobe already.But for every person who knows how to crochet there are probably many who don’t have even the most basic crochet ‘how to’ just to get started.

So for all who have looked at fashionable crocheted garments in the shops and thought about how much less expensive it would be if you could make it yourself, and how pleased you would feel knowing that what you were wearing was making a real fashion statement, and you had made it, I just want to tell you, you CAN do it with a bit of crochet ‘how to’.

For all those who have ever admired a lovely lace doily, or wanted to be able to crochet a beautiful shawl for a beloved baby, or looked at the wonderful patterns in a rug or throw and thought how nice it would be to have the ability to make something so colorful and cozy and useful, I am here to let you know that you, too, can join the ranks of the capable people who made all those things.

What you require is some knowledge – some crochet ‘how to’ – to get you started, and the fact is there are heaps of useful resources available to you. So many, in fact, that choosing which will be best for you can be quite a task. To assist you, I have pre-selected several excellent resources which will be useful at various stages of your learning.

If you are not sure how to make a chain, or double crochet, or what a ‘treble’ is, or even if crochet is worked around, or in squares, or in straight lines, then you should get hold of some basic crochet how to. It’s not too difficult, and you can get started right now.

I know what it’s like to be just starting out on something – lots of questions about what how to get going, not knowing where to find the best answers and, perhaps worst of all, having a gut feeling that you don’t even know what you should be asking! So you get a bit of info from somewhere and make a start, hoping it will do the trick, only to find when you have gone wrong that you can’t find the answer anywhere.

So, if you would like some really good, solid, crochet ‘how to’ you will find access to a really great book that will take you by the hand and show you everything you must know by visiting my blog by following the link above. You will also find lots of useful hints and tips on topics such as Learning To Crochet and Easy Crochet Projects.

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Tambia Jackson has worked with various textile crafts over many years and has enjoyed the pleasure and satisfaction of hand-crafting many different and useful articles. She now runs a blog, Crochet Life, which brings together many resources for both beginner and experienced crocheters.

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