Simple Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Simple Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Daily activities like cleaning and cooking, or even lighting candles, can result in indoor air pollution. Emissions from building and construction materials and furniture add to the mix. Throw in possible contaminants such as mould, viruses or allergens, and you can end up with quite the collection of pollutants in your home’s indoor air.  

Exposure to pollutants commonly found in indoor air can cause irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and worsened asthma.  

Improving ventilation in your home is a key component of maintaining and improving indoor air quality. Ventilation can help improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants and by bringing in fresh air from outside. This is especially important when renovating or when using chemical products in your home. 

  • By following these steps to improve ventilation, you can improve the indoor air in your home. 
  • Leave your interior doors open. 
  • Use bathroom and kitchen fans. 
  • Have a filtration system built into the duct work of your mechanical HVAC system. Replace or clean the filter as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Open windows and doors when outside conditions permit.  
  • When there are high levels of outdoor air pollution, reduce air entering the home from outside by closing windows and setting your HVAC to recirculation mode. 
  • Keep baseboard or heating vents clear of furniture. 
  • Keep beds, bedding and furniture away from outside walls to allow air and heat to flow around furnishings.

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