Treat Health Disorders Effectively with Rosemary Herb

Treat Health Disorders Effectively with Rosemary Herb

Rosemary is known to be the sweet scented shrub with narrow leaves and curved pine needles. These are green and grey in colour. Its dried leaves are widely used for commercial purposes as it has tea type fragrance. It has pungent and bitter taste.

This herb is the resemblance of love, loyalty and immortality. It is considered to be the decoction with spiritual bliss. During those times, it was consumed for relieving gout, abdominal pain, insomnia, icterus, calming of nerves, cephalagia, etc. The Romans and Greeks used the rosemary water to ward off the evils. It is the native of southern Europe and Mediterranean region. It is grown in the parts of Spain, Yugoslavia, U.S.A and Portugal.

It is found to be an antidote that effectively treats forgetfulness and mental fatigue. The tea made with the leaves of rosemary proves to be an effective remedy. The inhalation of crushed rosemary leaves helps you to make relaxed and stress-free. This can be used as an antiseptic, antioxidant, diuretic, antispasmodic and fungicidal.

How Rosemary is Helpful in Curing Various Health Ailments


To cure ailments related to indigestion and dyspepsia it is advised to have liberal use of rosemary in the diet. It helps in the digestion of starchy vegetables and foods such as lima beans, egg-plant, and meats like beef, pork and lamb.


The use of rosemary oil as a component of liniments and drugs proves to be an effective remedy for flatulence.

Common Cold:

The consumption of rosemary oil mixed with hot water proves to be a great drink to be taken at the time of cold or chills. This emulsion can be further used for gargle for the sore throat.


To treat the rheumatic afflictions it is advised that the rosemary leaves are used as vapouring agent in the water to have relief from pain.

Heart Stimulant:

To make the heart stimulating, it is advised that the some drops of rosemary oil should be taken by way of tincture with mixing alcohol in it to have beneficial results.


To cure dandruff effectively it is advised to use shampoo and lotions with the real extract of rosemary for beneficial results.

Alzheimer’s disease:

The moderate consumption of rosemary in the diet helps in reducing the effect of Alzheimer’s disease, simply by providing desired blood circulation to the brain. It also helps in protecting the DNA in the body from various carcinogens forming elements.

Apart from this rosemary tender tops are used for flavoring and garnishing soups, pickles, cold drinks, etc. The dried and powdered stuff is used as seasoning the cooked meats, fish, poultry, stews, soups, sauces and jams.

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