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Split ends occur when the hair strand “fractures” on the end. Split ends in the hair are the most common hair problem that every woman faces. Split ends occur when your hair’s cuticle wears down. Trichoptlosis or split ends occur when the protective cuticle is stripped away from the ends of the hair. Split ends are more common when the hair is dry or brittle. Hair is more delicate and vulnerable to splitting when it’s wet, so never brush wet hair. Gently comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Don’t brush too vigorously, as tension caused by brushing promotes splitting. Instead, brush gently from crown to ends using a soft-bristled brush. Wait at least two weeks between chemical treatments such as perming and coloring, which, when used one after the other, can be extremely damaging to hair. Over heating hair can cause split ends. Always use a heat protection spray before using a hair dryer or straighteners. Protect your hair by using a shampoo made for split ends, and use an anti-breakage conditioner. However, realize that many shampoos only cover up the problem, not cure it. Apply a leave-in conditioner or pomade to the ends of your hair daily to keep them strong.

Split ends should not be left unattended. Some splits can split right up the entire hair shaft or else the split ends themselves will actually split, leaving you with split split ends. Use a clarifying shampoo about once a month…silicone builds up, which you want, because keeps the split ends “bonded” to hair so they can not be seen. Avoid vent brushes with plastic bristles. These can cause further damage by ripping through the hair. On dry hair, use a wide brush with a foam pad that allows more give. Try not to shampoo every day if you have dry hair. Protect hair when heat-styling. Apply a leave-in conditioner. Carefully remove the split ends; this will give your hair a natural layered effect. Try to cut about the same amount of hair. Cutting your hair is the best way of getting rid of split ends. It is the simplest and least expensive method to remove split ends. Hair dryers, curling irons, perms and hair colors all damage hair. If you must blow-dry, use a cool setting and keep the dryer 6 inches (15 cm) from your hair.

Split Ends Treatment Tips

1. Protect your hair by using a shampoo made for split ends, and use an anti-breakage conditioner.

2. Shampoo hair and use a moisturizing formula like Phytojoba or similar.

3. Use a good rinse out conditioner making sure to slather the ends where the splits exist.

4. Detangle your strands with a wide tooth comb.

5. Use a large paddle or round brush and a blow dryer and blow your hair completely dry.

6. In winter, biting winds can cause split ends. Invest in a cool hat to wrap up your hair.

7. Don’t vigorously brush hair when it is wet. Hair will snap and break, causing split ends.

8. Don’t tie your hair back with an elastic band. Always use a soft covered scrunchie or band.

9. Get hair trimmed regularly to get rid of any split ends.

10. Always use coated or covered rubber bands.

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