Do You Have Symptoms of Fatigue, Shortness of Breath, or a Rapid Heart Beat?

Let me know if this sounds like you? You experience frequent bouts of quick onset of sweating, a sudden rapid heart rate, or all of a sudden a shortness of breath. You may think that you are having a heart attack, though the real cause may be something you didn’t expect.

If this sounds like you do you skip breakfast often? Thus once you skip breakfast your day goes by with off on bouts of fatigue and sluggishness that you fix with either trips to Starbucks or the vending machine. Quickly after eating the high sugar of gourmet coffees or snacks in vending machines you feel better though it doesn’t last and a few hours later you are crashing again.

What is happening is a lack of small meals during the day is throwing your hormones out of balance. Too much insulin in your blood stream from constant bouts of low and then high blood sugar is causing your symptoms mentioned earlier. This process starts many Americans on the path to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure. Who would have though it was all causes when you skipped breakfast?

Most Americans from not poor diet choices, but poor diet habits are living everyday with their hormones out of balance. What I mean by poor diet habits instead of poor diet choices is that most people may think they eat too much fast food or not enough vegetables, though it is the simple act not eating small meals throughout the day that causes the hormonal imbalances.

Your endocrine system (hormones) and your nervous system control your body’s rhythm which allows you to prevent disease and live healthy. Most pharmaceutical drugs mask the symptoms people feel like depression or fatigue though the only way to make a cure is to get your hormones back into balance from your diet.

The key understanding how your hormone insulin works and what you can to get in back into balance.

1. Insulin is the key hormone that controls how much fat you store.

2. High insulin levels triggers your brain to crave high sugar foods.

3. Insulin puts stress on the brain which leads to type 3 diabetes or Alzheimer’s.

4. Your body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin and that process is the cause of over half the cases of high blood pressure.

5. Insulin enhances the chance of cancer cells forming.

6. High levels of insulin have been linked to depression, panic attacks, anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia.

7. Insulin makes your blood clot faster which increases risk of heart attacks and strokes.

8. Insulin can lead to lower testosterone which causes infertility, acne, hair loss for both men and women, and sexual performance issues.

Top 10 Tips to Re balance Your Insulin

1. Eat a higher amount of whole foods that have not been processed like fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, chicken, and eggs.

2. Remove trans fats from your diet. There is no health benefit to any trans fats in your diet.

3. Eat more organic foods which don’t use pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones.

4. Avoid high sugar foods.

5. Eat breakfast. If you are not in the habit; start with something. Just drinking coffee doesn’t count for eating breakfast.

6. Eat 5 small meals during the day or every 2-3 hours.

7. Don’t eat a large meal than go to bed. This is also solved by eating 5 small meals as you loose the ability to overeat.

8. Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep will limit the affects of any amount of health eating that you will do. You are not able to catch up on the weekends.

9. Get at least 3 bouts of exercise in during the week. Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to support stabilizing your blood sugar.

10. Ten a few minutes to relax every day. High stress releases cortisol into your blood stream which amplifies the effects of insulin.

When you embark on balancing your hormones remember it is a lifestyle not a 90 day plan. The goal is that every action you take is an action that you can add to your life that you can continue. Any solution that is short term typically only causes more problems or at least different problems.

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