Nature Deficit Disorder and How to Defeat It?

Nature Deficit Disorder

Many kids these days suffer from the unfortunate symptoms of nature deficit disorder. Although not classified as a real disease, this phenomenon occurs in individuals who keep their distance from nature and is manifested through slow academic and physical growth. This nature essay discusses this condition and the remedies to solve this.

Today’s children are more interested in playing with their video games rather than playing outside. The tradition of playing soccer and baseball in nearby fields and parks has largely become obsolete. A lot of kids have developed symptoms of Nature Deficit Disorder which include attention deficit disorders, anxiety, hypertension and obesity.

Although it’s true that nature is not a panacea for all disease, it is certainly observed that people who pursue nature are more healthy, robust and cheerful then people who stay indoor a lot. Hence it is the duty of parents to ensure, that their child spends as much time outside as his busy routine allows. Outdoor activities in near-by fields, forests, woods, parks or even the beach keep the minds of the children stimulated and help make them confident, fit and smart. Many studies have been conducting on kids who go regularly play outside and kids who prefer to remain in doors and the relationship of these activities with their academic performance. It has been observed that kids who live a healthier lifestyle by going out frequently have better grades and pick up their lessons quickly.

A recent biology research paper in medical science has shown that kids who have severe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder thrive when they go out in parks and play. These kids are mostly treated with powerful drugs like Ritalin but the answer to their condition lies in nature. A lot of doctors are recommending nature therapy for many of their patients suffering from similar diseases.

Although nature Deficit Disorder is not considered to be an official term of medical science, many educators are parents have started to realize its significance as regards to the health of their children. Many parents and educators are now encouraging their kids to unplug themselves from the TV or the video game and go outside to play; this has taken the form of a movement because the previous generation is reminded of the happy times that they have spent outdoors. Children are encouraged to explore nearby woods, make tree houses, jump in puddles or ponds and just observe nature. Individuals are starting to realize that there is more to life than the machine like activities of this electronic age. They are remembering past experiences with nature and are no more disdaining the importance of clean environment.

Since 2005, there have been many researches, all of which have discussed the importance of nature with the development of a child. A recent study has been conducted by the American Institutes of Research, and has tested kids who participated in a week-long regime living outdoors. When these kids were tested on exams, it was proven that their academic abilities have increased to as much as 27% in fields of science, mathematics and problem solving. The behavior of these kids seemed to have improved as well as compared to kids who remained in class.

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