Tea and Gift Baskets – A Perfect Combination

Tea and Gift Baskets – A Perfect Combination

In any relationship thinking about the other person and making their day happy and memorable is what it is all about. One great way to create that moment of happiness is to send the other person a unique gift basket with quality products and a thoughtful message.

A gift basket says that you care for and are thinking about the other person and that memory will be repeated again and again as they use the basket and the quality products the basket contains.

Gift Baskets for All Occasions

The flexibility and variety of gift baskets is limited only by the imagination. For example:

• A tea gift basket can give a delightful array of morning drink choices.

• Spa essentials gift baskets make a great way to unwind.

• Gift basket can include subscription gifts like a Tea of the Month Club.

• A Taste of (choose the culture – Italian, French, Chinese etc.) is a great gift basket idea for someone who appreciates that culture.

• Spa gift baskets are great for busy moms who have no time for themselves.

• Senior citizens love gift baskets.

• Kosher gift baskets are excellent for Jewish individuals.

• A race car driver would appreciate a NASCAR or NHRA gift basket after a big win.

• A sales person closes a big deal.

• A friend or loved one earns a big promotion.

Special Occasions are Always a Good Time for a Gift Basket:

• Anniversary
• Graduation
• Housewarming
• Just Because
• Birthday
• Love & Romance
• Congratulations
• Sympathy
• Corporate
• Thank You
• Get Well
• Wedding
• For Men
• For Women
• Holidays
• Christmas
• Valentine’s Day
• Hanukkah
• Mother’s Day
• Father’s Day

How Do You Make a Gift Basket?

One can make their own gift basket but if you require a greater quantity of gift baskets or want to send to multiple recipients, it is best to work with a gift basket supplier. There are many high quality gift basket vendors and most of them sell through e-commerce web pages on the internet. E-commerce increases choice and provides ease of purchase.

The industry is very competitive and this competition encourages higher quality and unique and attractive gift baskets. Suppliers are constantly searching for ways to improve their offerings.

Tea is Ideal for a Quality Gift Basket

High quality, loose leaf tea products are often included in gift baskets for a number of reasons:

• Quality Tea Tastes Delicious: A cup of tea appeals to the palette and creates a unique taste experience.

• Tea Creates A Feeling of Well Being: Ask any tea drinker and they will attest to the soothing and serene effect of a cup of tea.

• Tea is Good for Your Health: The health benefits of tea in preventing illnesses like heart disease and cancer are well documented.

• Packaging is Important: High quality tea packaging in tins with quality labels is attractive and appealing in a tea basket.

• Unique, Flexible Offering: Some tea vendors offer gift certificates and Tea of the Month Club memberships.

• Quality Added Value: High quality tea reinforces the perception of quality for the entire basket.

• Opportunity for Vendors: Many tea suppliers have their own customer bases who are also potential customers for gift baskets. Some tea suppliers offer gift basket vendors special pricing and wholesales programs for their tea products.

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water and the market demand for high quality, loose leaf tea is growing rapidly in the United States. Tea makes a perfect gift for everyone and the inclusion of tea will add significant value to the gift basket.

What to Look for in a Gift Basket Supplier

Quality of Products

The supplier must offer high quality products. Sending a friend or loved one a low quality, cheap looking gift basket may do more harm than good.

Unique, Memorable Offerings

Choose a supplier with creative, attractive offerings that will appeal to the gift basket recipient.

Ease of Purchase

Purchase from a supplier with a well designed e-commerce web site that allows you, the customer, an easy to use shopping cart and check out procedure.

Quality of Customer Service

Always deal with a supplier who stands behind each purchase through an effective customer service process. Remember claims of good customer service don’t count – look for testimonials on the web site.

Total Value

Total value is the essence of a quality purchase. Look for a supplier offering quality, innovative products coupled with ease of purchase and world class customer service. Value is more than the lowest price and quality will be remembered.

The Author

Marcus Stout is President of the Golden Moon Tea Company. For more information about tea, green tea and wu long tea go to http://www.goldenmoontea.com

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