The 24 Hour Challenge: Tackle Your Home To-Do List

DIY Projects

We all have home improvement projects on our to-do lists.- However, often the hustle and bustle of life keeps us from getting them done.- But what if you devoted a full day – 24 hours – to accomplishing these DIY projects?- Imagine how accomplished you’d feel and how great your home would look.

Following are a few projects that you can quickly tackle – with the help of Krylon ColorMaster spray paint – to help cross off some of your to-do list DIY projects.

DIY Projects
Following are a few projects that you can quickly tackle – with the help of Krylon ColorMaster spray paint – to help cross off some of your to-do list DIY projects.

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

We all have mismatched jars cluttering our cupboards or attics.- Fortunately, Mason jars are the ideal size to create anything from a flower vase, an herb garden or desktop organizer, and the raised outer design adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia. With just a bit of spray paint, your clutter can be transformed into a clever creation.

After thoroughly cleaning the jars, simply spray several light coats onto the jars using your favorite shades of Krylon ColorMaster spray paint. The unique formula dries in just 10 minutes and is available in nearly 100 brilliant colors and finishes to meet all your color and durability needs.- Once dry, you now have a beautiful new vessel to hold anything from plants to pencils.

Terracotta Potted Plant House Numbers

Why settle for “ho hum” house numbers?- Instead convert ceramic or terra cotta pots into an eye-catching address marker with creative curb appeal.

To start, be sure that each pot has a clean and smooth surface.- Next, apply primer to the surface and allow to dry, using a white primer for light colors and a gray primer for dark colors.- Next, paint each pot in a different color of spray paint and let dry.- Finally, place a stencil for each house number on the center of each pot and spray with a light coat of paint.- Arrange your pots in the proper order, fill with flowers and voila … you now have an original and welcoming way to announce your address.

Colorful Hand-Built and Stenciled Headboard

Does your headboard need help?- Luckily, paint can take any piece of furniture from blah to beautiful. So instead of replacing your hated headboard, rejuvenate it.

Start by sanding and cleaning your current headboard to ensure you have a solid surface.- Next apply primer.- Once dry, spray the headboard in your favorite color of spray paint.- And don’t limit yourself to just one color!- You can use painter’s tape to cover different areas to create a multi-color surface – or add embellishments, such as stencils.- The opportunities are endless.

Want more product ideas?- See how Krylon, the nation’s leader in spray paint, with the help of licensed contractor and host of DIY Network’s “I Hate My Bath,” Jeff Devlin, attempted the seemingly impossible: complete 24 projects in 24 hours using Krylon’s ColorMaster spray paint.- To see each project from start to completion, visit

With a bit of creativity and a few hours, you can spray your way through your DIY to-do list. For more information on Krylon products or spray paint projects, visit

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