The Healing & Magical Power of House Plants

The Healing & Magical Power of House Plants

In the last week of Summer the house plants I care for have entered a huge growth cycle and look amazing!

Cacti, succulents, philodendron, ivy, etc. perking up to receive the sun’s blessings and get a little bigger this season.

I am absolutely fanatic about my plants!

A room in my house isn’t livable until there’s a few ‘green people’ in there holding space.

I believe that the plants in my life bring healing, energy, blessings, purification, company and beauty to my world- and in today’s article I’d like to share some aspects of keeping plants more on the magical and energetic side. Enjoy, green thumb!

The Energy-Healing Potency of House Plants

Plants are nature’s filters.

Absorbing our respiratory waste (carbon dioxide), they convert it into plant carbohydrates to build strong bodies that in turn create pure, clean, life-empowering oxygen for us to breathe!

The cycle here is absolutely beautiful- we live on each other’s byproduct in a symbolic system that would crash with the smallest adjustment! I bet you’ll never make fun of a tree-hugger again after that! 🙂

Carbon-Oxygen Exchange

Oxygen, more specifically the air we inhale in general, is one way that life energy enters our systems. Yoga teaches the importance of proper breathing so that oxygen and more importantly life energy are brought into the system in the most effective way possible, and so that toxins, carbon dioxide and imbalanced energy can leave through the exhalation more effectively. Breath truly is the heart-beat of the soul and through it we not only share space with all that is, we also make sacred sound! Keeping houseplants allows us to have little energy factories right in our own homes. As energy is moved by the normal flow of our daily grind- plants silently witness and do some miraculous things!

Plants absorb energy from the space around them and ground it out, purify it and release it back into the space for healing and balance. Think of leaves as little scrub brushes on the energetic level!

Plants, when properly healthy, can take on toxic vibrational patterns and seal them up or completely shut them down.

The health/appearance of a houseplant can often indicate the health of the energy in a space.

So it’s not just limited to oxygen- what’s happening in the plant carbon-oxygen exchange is mirrored on the energetic level! House plants are natures air filter for energy!

House Plants are Natures Air Filter for Energy!

Energetic grooming is so important for total health! Ensuring toxic patterns are being released from the system and ensuring clean, pure life energy is always able to flow through the system is of utmost importance! In addition to energy, house plants can also work on the emotional level. A certain calmness comes from the presence of one of natures gifts- they are great listeners- and can even give some great advice about patience, steadfastness, non-judgment, letting go of anger, non-violence, compassion, charity, and surrendering to the Cosmic wisdom! Think about it!

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The Spiky and The Soft

I’d like to mention a few things about leafy plants and cacti. I am a huge cacti enthusiast- and in the years I have kept them have learned so much about their energy and the blessings they bring. What follows seems pretty black and white, but it’s not always that way. Think of this as a general idea to roll with as you work and heal with house plants. I believe that cacti act more on the active plane while leafy plants are more on the passive plane. Cacti tend to project their energy into the space, while leafy plants tend to receive energy from the space. The spikes on cacti totally mimic the rays of energy coming off of them on the psychic level!

The spikes on cacti totally mimic the rays of energy coming off of them on the psychic level!

Cacti are great plants to keep for protection, safety, calmness, relaxation, intensive healing issues in the home (long term illness, terminal illness, etc.) and so on. Leafy plants are more passive and can be used for general energy cleaning responsibilities on every level.

Again, I know this seems very black and white, but it’s just a basic observation I have made based on the plants I have worked with. Think about how this can be applied to your own life- and don’t be afraid to bring some plants home and see how cacti, leafy, herb, etc. plants work on different levels for you!

Your plants care for you.

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When Plants Should Not Be in The Home

I have created a few notes based on psychic seeing that I’d like to share with you. These are somewhat off-chart realizations, but ones that I think are extremely important when working with houseplants with energy awareness.

Many people bring plants to the ill. This, of course, is an excellent idea! The point here is that after the person regains health or passes on- the plant should be returned to nature and NOT be kept in the house.

Silk/false plants and flowers should be avoided. This is an ancient Feng-shui warning, and one I agree with entirely. Don’t fake nature!

When plants or flowers die, or begin dying, remove them from the home. If you think they might snap out of it, put them somewhere outside that will support that if you can.

Learn about your plants. Know where they come from, if they have any cultural significance, if there are any myths or stories about them, or any other cool facts you can find out. Most plant stores can give you the scientific/Latin name for the plant- then just type it into google and have fun exploring and learning! Many houseplants are toxic if ingested by humans and/or pets. Learn about your plants toxicity and make sure there are no dangers in handling sap when pruning or dangers to the kids or pets if they get eaten. Many cats find the scent of elephant philodendrons pretty tantalizing- and if they eat it, the results can be deadly.

Your plants care for you. They do a ton of work! Make sure you complete the cycle by ensuring they have clean water, good organic soil that gets changed when needed, nice-looking pots with drains, food/fertilizer when needed and the right amount of sunshine. Most importantly- don’t forget to thank them, talk to them, share with them and turn them around!

If you have a loved one in need- get them a plant!

Further House Plant Magic Ideas

Many of us take herbal supplements or healing herbs to empower our health. Think about getting closer to the healing herbs in your life by actually growing them! I have a few healing herbs that I grow- I don’t intend to eat them, I just like seeing, respecting and breathing with what heals me on the internal level. It’s very powerful and I feel it has increased the effectiveness of the herbs I take!

You might like to consider loosely hanging little rolled up pieces of paper with wishes, prayers or goals to your favorite house plant. The plant will literally flow energy through your written word 24/7/365 giving you a nice little energetic boost to what you’d like to manifest!

Think about turning your house plants into mini-shrines! I have house plants with moqui marbles, gemstones, tiny statues, pieces of cloth, etc. all over my space. Each plant becomes like a tree protecting and nurturing an idea, goal or value I have in a way I remember every time I see it! I have a giant jade with a tiny Kwan-Yin statue at it’s base, a few cacti with moqui marbles, a succulent with some strings of an old guitar and lots of other random plant shrines! It’s great fun and a great way to empower your life and connect with your plant friends!

If you have a loved one in need- get them a plant! Spend a few days with the plant. Talk to it, tell it about the POSITIVE and EMPOWERED aspects of your loved one and get the plant excited to be there. You may also want to feed your plant consecrated water or charged water or even decorate the plant with little hanging tags with quotes, gemstones on the soil, or hand paint the pot to make it personal!

Wishing you, and your plant friends, a wonderful summer of healing and empowerment!

Peace & Green Blessings,

Josh Williams

The Author:

Josh Williams is a professional Psychic Adviser, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healing Channel.

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2 thoughts on “The Healing & Magical Power of House Plants

  1. Yes nature is wonderful and the Auras of plants are very dynamic.
    My main mum has had ongoing liver issues and she did her back discs a number of months ago, she’s been in and out of hospital and it’s been hell. She loves her garden but hasn’t got any plants in the house for some reason, so the other day I bought her a lovely large leaf flowering house plant for Mothers day. She loved it and had a position for it right next where she sits in her loungroom. Yesterday she had another doctors appointment and the doc said her back is getting better and she is allowed to drive her car now, she is thrilled.
    This plants energy is strong and the plant is very healthy and I think it helped my mum the minute I brought it into her house!

    Feng shui says that spikey plants like cactus should be outside and not in the house, so I find it interesting that you have cactus in the house.

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with the healing and magical power of house plants. It’s wonderful to hear that your gift of a large leaf flowering house plant has had a positive impact on your mother’s health. Plants can indeed have a strong energy and their presence in our homes can contribute to our overall well-being.

      Regarding the presence of cactus inside the house, it is true that feng shui traditionally suggests keeping spikey plants like cactus outside. However, feng shui is a practice that varies from person to person and what works for one individual may not work for another. Some people find that cactus plants bring them joy and positive energy, even when indoors. Ultimately, it’s important to listen to your own intuition and choose plants that resonate with you and your space.

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