The Victorian Language of Fans – They Have a Language of Their Own!

Victorian Language

Did you know that in Victorian times the ladies had an unspoken “fan” language? Maybe a tradition we should bring back today! Here are some of the meanings:

If a young lady held her fan to her lips, it begged a kiss

Dropping it meant friendship only

Drawing it across her eyes meant an apology

The fan placed near the heart signaled You have won my love

Did she hide the eyes behind an open fan ~ I love you

Running her fingers through the fans ribs meant, “I want to talk.”

Opening and closing the fan several times ~ You are cruel ~

Fanning slowly meant I am married

Fanning quickly meant I am engaged

Passing the fan from one hand to another meant, “I see you are looking at another.”

Using it to move her hair away from her forehead meant, “Don’t forget me!”

Twirling the fan in the left hand ~ You are being watched ~

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