Things We Learned From Being Raised By Good-Hearted Parents

Things We Learned From Being Raised By Good-Hearted Parents

Every time I get asked what my parents is like, I could not think of the times they were angry at me nor the times I got reprimanded by them. It will always boil down to one thing, they are good-hearted individuals. They are far from being perfect as parents and as individuals. But they try to be good examples for us.

A great deal about having good-hearted parents is that they treat us right and that they inculcate the right values as we grow older. Here are some of the values I learned from them.

To Be Kind

To show kindness is to be considerate. I complain of the simplest inconvenience shoved my way. My mother may not scold me for being bratty, but she always reminds me that others have it worse. That is, I am luckier than some of the people. I am reminded of this every time I encounter difficult people to deal with. It has become a mantra that others are also fighting a battle that I am not aware of.

To Forgive

There is no point in hating others because it is a double-edged knife. You can’t hate others without hurting yourself. At times when I hurt my parents for not appreciating the things they do for us, they don’t hold grudges. They forgive without me apologizing. It comes with being kind. So, I also learn to just let hard feelings go and not become a slave of hatred.

To Be Generous

If you have three brothers to share everything with, then you will really learn to be generous. Without our parents, my siblings and I will have a free for all mayhem to have the last bag of chips. But, our parents are such patient individuals to teach us the importance of generosity not only from among us but to others as well. The united duo says that being greedy, wouldn’t take us anywhere than hatred from others.

To Love Unconditionally

Share love and expect nothing in return. It is true that we cannot please everyone in this world. That is the reality I have to deal with. My parents, like the superheroes they are, came and saved me from that despair. They taught me to just show care and love, but do not expect something in return for love should be unconditional.

Our parents are still the best teachers and I am thankful for having such wonderful individuals who raised me right. Cheers!

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