Tips for Caring for Leather Furniture

Tips for Caring for Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a beautiful and luxurious type of household furniture that everyone admires. But, like everything else, caring for leather furniture requires time and commitment. We’re going to look at six tips for caring for leather furniture to maintain its beauty and durability.

Vacuum Regularly

Leather furniture needs to be vacuumed regularly so that dust doesn’t build on it. It also helps prevent cracks, which can further cause damage to your leather furniture.

Usually, you will use a vacuum cleaner for this job. As with most vacuums, your choice will depend on how much is in the budget and what type of vacuums you like. When cleaning your leather seat with a vacuum cleaner, focus more on the bottoms of the seat because this is where dirt accumulates. It is best to vacuum your seat daily, preferably after every use.

Replacing Cushions

If your leather seat is wearing out or you have ripped it, then replacing the old cushion with a new one will help it last longer. The good news is that replacing cushions is easy. You can find cushions at your favorite department stores or sometimes even online. You want to make sure the cushion you buy is the correct size because it will help your seat last longer.

For leather seat cushions, try looking for a brand known for quality craftsmanship and durability. Doing so will ensure that the seat cushion you purchase is strong and made from quality materials. A quality leather seat cushion will also have a breathable fiber in it, which means it won’t sweat when you’re on a hot day.

Dust Regularly

Leather furniture is very susceptible to dust and dirt build-up. When dust accumulates, it can cause damage such as cracks, tears, and even loss of color. Therefore, it is best to dust off the furniture every week or month, depending on where you keep it.

A fan can help out because it will prevent the dust from settling and covering your furniture. You can then use a microfiber cloth to wipe away and shake off any stray dirt and debris that may be present. Keeping the air circulating over your leather furniture is very important so that the dust does not settle in between your couch cushions.

Use a Sofa Cover

Regular use of a sofa cover is a good way to protect your leather furniture from spills and stains. Even if you have been thinking about getting a sofa cover, now is the time to do so. It will help preserve the life of your leather furniture and keep it clean. There are many sofa covers to choose from. Some of the most popular include slipcovers, pillow protectors, and throws. 

Slipcovers are best for covering up your large leather couches. Pillow protectors come in handy for protecting the back of your couch or chair where you might have pillows or decorative throw pillows. A throw is perfect for keeping spills contained to your smaller furniture like ottomans and end tables.

Clean Spills Right Away

One of the worst things you can do to leather is to let it sit in coffee or soda for a long time. When liquids sit on leather for too long, they will eventually stain the leather. Once this happens, cracks develop on your couch or chair, and your furniture becomes discolored. So always clean up spills immediately, even if it doesn’t seem like they are doing any damage at the moment. 

You also want to try the gentlest cleaning technique possible to avoid causing damage to your couch. A damp sponge or a cloth is a good option for this job. However, if the spill is anything with a greasy residue or something that may have dried, you will need a stronger cleaner with more abrasive power. In this situation, use a leather cleaner and not just any regular household cleaner.

Use a Specialized Cleaner

After every 6 months, it is best to use a specialized leather cleaning solution to help the leather in your furniture stay looking shiny and new. It is because everyday use on leather will help break down any natural oils it has. 

Therefore, to keep your leather couch beautiful, use a specialized leather cleaner at least once a year. It is especially important if you have used your leather furniture for many years. These cleaners will usually contain a type of alcohol, oxygen bleach, and a surfactant agent. Sometimes other ingredients are added to make them better for furniture use, such as oils or waxes that can help repel water and protect against rusting. 

You need to look for the right product that has all the ingredients you need. Some specialty cleaners also have other cleaning agents such as an enzyme to help break down stains, and bacteria build up in the leather.

Summing Up

Caring for leather furniture is very important to preserve its beauty and help it stay durable. These are just some tips you can use to care for your leather furniture. Leather furniture makes a great investment as it can last decades and even increase in value. Using these maintenance tips will help you keep your leather furniture looking beautiful and fresh for many years to come.

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How to Care for Leather Furniture

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