Tips for Freezing Bread

Tips for Freezing Bread

Freezing is an essential part of kitchen tasks. Here are tips regarding freezing of bread. These tips will make you aware what to keep in mind stocking the bread in your freezer.

Baking Bread and Your Freezer

Sometimes, we bake bread just to store. It’s wonderful to have homemade bread on hand for those periods when we’re just too busy to bake. And it’s always a good feeling to have bread on hand for an emergency.

Selecting High-Quality Breads

If purchasing bread or bread dough for freezing, be sure to check the “sell by” date on the packaging to make sure its fresh. Frozen products, including dough, should be frozen rock solid in air-tight packaging that contains no rips or tears. Allow fresh baked breads to cook completely before freezing.

Freezing Materials

Use freezer-grade plastic bags, wraps, freezer paper or heavy-duty aluminum foil for packaging bread and bread dough for freezing.

Instant Fresh Breadcrumbs from The Freezer

Good Thing: How to Freeze Bread

You should freeze the freshest bread you have. If you’ve just baked your own bread or purchased it warm, make sure you allow it to cool before freezing to avoid soggy bread or mold. Wrap your baguette or loaf using two clear plastic bags.

Household Tips

Keep Cookies Moist

Prevent cookies from drying up by placing a piece of bread in the same storage container as the cookies.

Never Go Without Bread

Freezing bread keeps it fresh for up to 3 months. Next time you’re at the grocery store buy a few extra loaves to keep in the freezer.

Fresh Herbs All Year Long

Freeze all of your extra herbs to have fresh seasoning all year long. Wash, dry and put in storage bags or containers.

Saving Bread Ends

As a bread baker you will quickly discover that there is often leftover slices of bread, bread crusts, or bread ends. Instead of feeding these bits to the birds, freeze them for later use.

Today’s vegetarian toddler lunch took about five minutes to pack up, using leftovers and frozen cutout sandwiches (today’s speed bento tip). The sandwiches are blueberry jam (sugar-free) and peanut butter, speedy homemade jello cups, purple potato salad with mojito, grape tomatoes, blueberries, and leftover sauteed bell peppers and onions with mustard sauce.

Bread Care Tips

Storage: To store fresh bread, leave it at room temperature in a paper bag, or if cut, leave the cut side down on a bread board or shelf. The crust will stay firm and the inside soft.

Because glass bake ware retains heat better than metal bake ware, reduce the temperature of your oven by 25 degrees when using glass pans.


Our bread also freezes well wrapped in plastic, then in foil. Defrost it at room temperature inside the plastic, then refresh it as described above before eating.

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