Tuscan Home Decorating Styles

Tuscan Home Decorating

Tuscan decorating takes its inspiration from the beauty of the Italian countryside. It is a style that incorporates natural elements and simple functional pieces, built to stand the test of time. Wear and tear is seen as a sign of faithful use, while the erratic form of natural materials lends pieces a sense of individual personality.

Tuscany refers to the area encompassing the hills of central Italy and everything in the Tuscan style takes its cue from the natural beauty of that area. From crumbling stone walls to intricate wrought iron pieces, everything has a rustic quality that strives to recreate the pastoral look of the countryside.

Natural stone is very plentiful in that area, and it plays a central role in a Tuscan style. Real Italian marble flooring can create an exquisite centerpiece beneath your feet. Slate coffee tables and bistro sets can add color to the setting. Sandstone and limestone are also available to help achieve that ancient weathered look. Italy has a rich history and the Tuscan style seeks to pay homage to and draw upon that fact.

Tuscan furnishings are usually simple, with a functional designed that is crafted to stand the test of time. Irregularities are welcome as long as they come from natural materials or hand carved human detail. In some cases newer items are distressed in order to make them look well worn and lovingly used.

Water is often a feature of a Tuscan decorative style, and many homes incorporate a fountain with running water to help create a sense of living nature in the space. Other furnishings should be warm and inviting, creating a sense of hearth and home that welcomes you into the space.

A Tuscan decorated home should emphasize outdoor spaces, with lawns, patios, and decks being integrated into the rest of the home. Marble mosaics and wrought iron bistro tables are common outdoor Tuscan décor pieces.

The walls will usually be painted in a subdued white or gray color. This simplicity can then be accented by other more vibrant, traditional Tuscan hues. This includes a variety of earth tones including brick, ochre, and terracotta. Greens and golden yellows are also important as they symbolize the vigor of life and nature.

Another option is to leave the interiors with a natural finish. Materials such as hardwood, slate, and marble can all be used in a home to give it a rustic Tuscan look. This can be coupled with blues and green accent pieces to create a simulated woodland scene of colors in your home.

Kitchen are particularly inviting to Tuscan decorating styles. A Tuscan kitchen will usually feature tiling with a long kitchen table. Copper pots can be hung as accents, and shelves should be open and numerous. Food décor can be used with pasta strands displayed in glass jars and braids of garlic or onion hanging from the cabinets.

Tuscan decorating takes your home back to a simpler time. It incorporates natural elements and rustic designs to create a space that is warm and functional. In many ways it stands as an artistic opposition to the modern cookie cutter world we live in.

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