Use Effective Herbal Remedies for Painful Menstrual Cramps, Menstruation


Many women suffer from a problem of painful menstruation or menstrual cramps. This condition is known as Dysmenorrhea. It is a common symptom with maximum women during their period of menstruation. Maximum women experience different degrees of menstrual pain in their entire menstrual period. The worst sufferers of the menstrual cramps are mostly the younger women. This problem of menstrual cramps is not an abnormal condition but the cramps and the peculiar pain paralyses the life of the most of the women.

Some of the important symptoms of menstrual pains are dizziness, nausea and vomiting followed by headache, fatigue or tiredness, loss of appetite and moderate to severe pains in the lower abdomen.

Some of the important causes of menstrual pains or dysmenorrheal are ovarian cysts, Ectopic pregnancy, Uterine polyps and fibroids and any inflammatory diseases in the pelvic region.

The problem of menstrual cramps can be treated effectively and easily with the help of natural and herbal remedies. Some of the important herbal remedies for painful menstruation are given below.

1. For reducing the pain and the cramps during the menstruation cycle can be reduced with the help of an herb known as Dried Szechuan Lovage Root. It may be taken in the mild doses.

2. Another herb is the extract from the bark of Cinnamom. This herb is also popular and effective in treating the problem of diabetes. It is an effective and powerful herb in the treatment of menstrual pains.

3. The herb, Chinese Angelica Root which is popularly known as Dong Quai is very effective in treating the problem of menstrual cramps. This herb has been extensively used in treating the problem related to various menstrual disorders. This herb relaxes the uterine muscles and also helps in reducing the problem related to menstrual pains.

4. You can also take a tea prepared from the herb Chamomile. This herb is also helpful and effective in treating the problem of menstrual pains.

5. You can also massage the lower abdominal with the essential oils of the herbs lavender, chamomile, clary sage, ginger and marjoram for relaxing the uterine muscles and also to reduce pain due to menstrual cramps.

6. Menstrual cramps can also be reduced by the herbs Blue Cohosh and Black Cohosh. It is very helpful and effective by treating the problem of menstrual pains.

7. You can also use tea prepared from Raspberry leaf. It is very effective in treating the problem of menstrual cramps.

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