Using a Good Moisturizer Can Help You Get Relief From Keratosis Pilaris

KERATOSIS PILARIS is a skin disorder where light red rashes or slight bumps appear on the skin which does not usually cause any itching. This usually occurs due to accumulation of protein (keratin) around the hair follicles on the skin and gives skin a little bumpy appearance. Due to similarity in symptoms, the patients usually misinterpret its occurrence as goose bumps or acne and start the treatment accordingly which provides no or very little relief. The symptoms appear mainly on the upper arms and thighs and rarely on facial skin. Its occurrence make the skin of the area look a little bumpy and reddish in appearance. They start to exaggerate with puberty and improve with age at their own pace. Also dry skin in winter increases the occurrence of KP which again improves in summers. In many cases KP has been found to show genetic correlation too. The condition has no long term health related negative effect and usually subsides by the age of 30.

You Might Not be Required to Take Medicine for KP

It is a common problem among the young adults affecting about 50 to 80% of adolescents. Apart from being a genetic disorder, dry skin is also a main cause of manifestation of this skin problem. Keratosis Pilaris does not have a permanent one time cure, but treatments are available which would help reduce the formation of and mask the appearance of already formed papules. Before starting on a treatment it becomes necessary to seek advice from a dermatologist. In many cases the might not recommend the patient to undergo medical treatment considering lower severity level of the rashes. Such patients are suggested of using certain skin care products to get relief from this skin disorder.

Simple Skin Care Products can Help You Get Rid of The Condition

Moisturizers and other skin soothing lotions have been found to be helpful in treatment of this condition and to some extent salicylic acid and tea tree extract add to further relief. The Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Kit by Skin Care Heaven effectively treats Keratosis Pilaris symptoms by combining key ingredients which target these unsightly bumps. This Keratosis Pilaris treatment kit has been found to be acting at the root cause of Keratosis Pilaris that is the accumulation of excessive proteins around the hair follicles and effectively treats the symptoms.

The kit contains a soothing lotion and an exfoliating cream with tea tree extract and a hydration spray. The lotion applied at first acts as the hydrating agent for the skin then the bamboo micro beads of the scrub remove the dead cells from the skin. When the Hydrating spray is applied it acts at the roots of the follicles to effectively penetrate and stop further accumulation of keratin. Thus the KP kit when used regularly helps treat the skin disorder in a easy to use 4 step process which helps regain the original vibrant and smooth skin.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is a skin care expert from Hawaii. She has gained training for many skin treatments and advice her clients how to moisturize dry skin in more effective manner.


2 thoughts on “Using a Good Moisturizer Can Help You Get Relief From Keratosis Pilaris

  1. Try to be gentle to your skin and be nice to yourself. Wait for a while and get yourself diagnosed by a good dermatologist because haste is going to leave you with more skin problems. If your doctor tells you that unfortunately the disorder you’re suffering from is Keratosis Pilaris then come back here and try our product Kerneton which has been specifically designed to kick this disorder away naturally.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion to be gentle with our skin and seek professional advice from a dermatologist before trying any new products. It’s important to approach any skin condition with caution and ensure we’re using the right treatment for our specific needs. We appreciate your recommendation for the Kerneton product, but it’s always advisable to consult with a medical professional before incorporating any new products into our skincare routine.

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