What is Body Butter?

What is Body Butter?

The art of skin care has grown tremendously during the last decade. Skin care scientists are working on innovative products which will protect, heal and safeguard the skin from damage in better ways. One such innovative product is body butter. Earlier generations used whip cream and butter mixed with some vegetable oil and honey and would use the paste on the body to safe guard it against dry winds and cracking.

Body butters are a refined form of those ancient whipped cream pastes. Body butters have a role similar to moisturizers but they work in an entirely different manner. The difference being the quantity of water in the two products. Body butters are moisturizers minus the water. Using body butter instead of a body lotion is a better option for those with extra dry skin or during winter when the skin becomes dry due to lower outside temperature. It is best for the drier areas of your body like the feet and palms and elbows.

What Makes a Body Butter a Better Choice for Your Skin?

Apart from varying in water content, body butter differs from a regular moisturizing lotion in its ingredients. The key ingredients in body butter are fruit or vegetable extracts like shea, coconut, cocoa, etc. Apart from this, glycerin and other essential oils like vitamin E oil, olive oil, rosewood oils or honey are also added. The above ingredients make body butters richer than the lotions and thus make them a healthy choice for your skin.

The various ingredients added to your body butter define the specific role they play. Like shea butter (extracted from an African nut tree) helps recover dry and cracked skin quickly whereas those with cocoa butter are for treating stretch marks and fine lines. Honey in body butters has many roles. First, it nourishes the skin with vitamins and enzymes. Also its antibacterial nature makes it a preferable option for those with acne prone skin. Body butter variants like Pure Fiji Pineapple body butter is an effective way to restore skins’ moisture while nourishing it with soy protein, passion flower extracts and many other rich, natural components.

Body Butters Provide Longer Lasting Skin Protection

Many Body butters are made with a wax base (beeswax). They take a little time to get absorbed into the skin and once it is in, they make a sheath over the body and lock the moisture inside. These days waxless body butters are also available with the same working and efficiency as the waxed body butters. All the healing vitamins and enzymes from the above nature based ingredients make the body butter a healthy option for the skin. The moisture they lock inside the body and the vitamins they add to the skin remain longer in the body and gradually upon regular use help you with smooth and supple skin. In many cases the remedial effects have been observed in treating stretch marks, cracked skin, fine lines and acne scars. Thus, these butters owing to their healing properties are also being recommended by dermatologists.

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