Vanilla Facts

Vanilla Facts

Vanilla is one of the most popular spices. It is used in cooking and baking because of its sweet flavor. It is also used as a plant because it is pretty and smells good. It is also used in many other things such as soap making, oils, etc because of the essential oil extracted from the vanilla plant.

Vanilla flavor comes from the vanilla orchids native to Mexico. The word vanilla comes from the Spanish word vanilla that means little pod. Hernan Cortez, a Spanish conquistador first brought this plant to Europe to be used as a spice or as candy in the 1520s.

There are three major cultivators of vanilla grown globally. The original species was found in Mesoamerica. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice because of the hard labor required to grow the vanilla seed pods.

Vanilla is loved for its flavor and sweet aroma. The essential oil is extracted from the vanilla plant. This blends will with essential oils of orange, lemon, neroli, jojoba, chamomile, lavender and sandalwood. Vanilla softens scents.

Vanilla is one of my favorite scents. It smells good and tastes good too, especially when added to cakes, etc. It is also a pretty flower to plant in your garden.

There are a lot of cosmetics that use vanilla. Here is a room spray that you can make at home. This will make your room smell sweet and fresh.

Vanilla Room Spray Recipe

Vanilla Room Spray 4 oz bottle with mist setting, 1 1/2 oz distilled water, 1 1/2 oz vanilla extract Fill spray bottle with vanilla and water. Shake prior to use. Let sit for 1 day. Mist lightly.

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