Watermelon Jerky


You’ll need a food dehydrator for this recipe. Cook time can be greatly influenced by the climate you are in, and so in a Florida summer season the time will be three to four times greater than needed in a northern, drier climate.

Watermelon Jerky

Servings will vary.

  • Fair amount cut 6″-8″ strips about 1/2″ thick watermelon (think Hershey bar or men’s belt)


Place watermelon strips in dehydrator for 8 hours. Can take 8-12 hours, or up to 24 hours depending on climate. The watermelon crisps after cooling. Make thicker slices for a fruit leather roll up type snack. Make thinner for crisped watermelon chips.The Author:

Recipe and photo courtesy of Watermelon.org.

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