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4 Homemade Natural Facial Masks


There are many factors besides self esteem to want to brighten your skin. As we get into middle age, sometimes even as soon as our early 30s, the skin on our face begins to lose the stimulating, sleek look it had when we were younger.

Milk for Facial Skin Care

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Since olden times milk has been widely used with cosmetics aims by people of almost all the countries in the world. What was milk so highly estimated at all times for? For its fabulous nourishing properties mainly. Milk contains a whole bunch of sugars, minerals and naturals pigments. You can also find almost all known to humanity enzymes and vitamins in milk. Milk fat is considered to be extremely useful. It’s rich for unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin and vitamins. Here I offer some original homemade recipes of milk masks for facial skin. Milk masks are recommended to be applied on your face for not longer than 20-30 minutes. Then, remove it with warm compress and compulsory cool water rinsing.

6 Ingredients That Are Bad News for Your Skin


You count your calories, are very particular about your diet, let only the best products touch your skin. You take no chances when it comes to your beauty. However, did you know the fancy cosmetic products that you have been stocking up on have ingredients that do more damage to your skin than good? Here are 6 such ingredients that are bad news for your skin.

What is The Best Natural Remedy for Wrinkles?


Finding the cure for wrinkles has been prevalent, especially for women, since Cleopatra’s era. Although many products have been developed and advanced over the past centuries, few if any can actually boast being “the cure” for this natural aging process. Cleopatra credited her youthful skin to her daily use of milk and honey for washing and bathing her skin.

Face Wash For Dry Skin


A dry skin is sensitive since it has less of sebum which makes it less supple. Particularly after cleansing, a dry skin feels “tight”. Dry skin has an inclination to age prematurely; it peels easily and develops nasty red patches. Chapping and cracking are marks of exceptionally dry skin.

Is it Food or a Beauty Aid?


When possible I like to use common food and culinary items instead of suggesting herbs you may not be able to find. It’s easier for you, and when I get a call around 2 a.m., it’s easy for whoever needs middle of the night help. This can be expanded to skin care. A lot of foods can help exfoliate and tone your skin. They can also help with wrinkles, oily skin and dry skin.

Glycerin and Rosewater


Most people don’t thing of roses as herbs. They think of them only as flowers. And if they’re thinking of the long stemmed, gorgeous beauties of the popular, modern rose bushes, they’d be right.

Homemade Anti-Ageing Remedies


Ageing is one of the glaring outbursts of old age, which is very difficult to tackle with. Bitter or sweet, old age is unalterable as no one can deny the coming of the impending maturity. While earlier it was the women folk who were mostly concerned about the wrinkles and fine lines, today, the concern is troubling men as well.

Skin Tonic – Get Natural Glow With Homemade Skin Tonics


Our skin is always exposed to heat, cold and other environmental changes, so it is very important to take care of it. In this article we have included various natural skin tonics for you that are homemade but are very useful to nourish your skin.

Natural Skin Care for Dull Complexion


Beauty is one of the topics that attract almost all the women and today every one is conscious of their look and presentation. Women usually bother about their dull complexion as today it is meant that fair complexion adds an inner confidence in you.