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Let the land nurture you.

How to Plan Your Garden Food Production for Self-Sufficiency

When you are new to trying your hand at growing your own food, it can be daunting to know where to begin. How do you plan a garden for food production? Is it possible to become self-sufficient in a short time? It's understandable to want to grow everything your first year. Experienced gardeners and homesteaders...
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Heart of The Self-Reliance Movement

Playing chicken the good way: Suburban and city coops showcase self-reliance movement

Americans across the country are taking strides to be more self reliant, including growing food, composting and raising animals. While these types of activities are most often associated with people who live in the country, residents in unexpected settings are embracing aspects of this...
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Homesteading Skills to Learn – Even on The Urban Homestead

There are many skills our grandparents had that have been lost today. Various homesteading skills are lost on the modern city dweller. Providing food and water for yourself are paramount. Knowing how to collect and purify water, from any source, including but not limited to rain, is a crucial skill in the event of disaster,...
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What Equipment You Need to Maintain a 3 Acre Homestead

There are some pieces of equipment that are really necessary to own to be able to keep your property in prime condition. There are of course lots of "toys" that would be nice to have but the expense of buying and maintaining them is far greater than just renting them once or twice a year....
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Selling at Your Local Farmers Market part 1

The new wave of eating local combined with the necessity of earning some extra cash can make one contemplate the possibility of becoming a farmers market seller. There are a few problems that can occur for the first-time entrepreneur. Obviously, before you can cart your vegetables, fruits and other products to the market, you have...
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Selling at the Farmers’ Market Part 2

As stated in the previous article, it is important when selling at the farmers' market to have a product that will sell. While this may seem obvious, oftentimes people go to a lot of effort to produce something that really is not needed. Read more

Edible Garden Flowers

We are all aware of the wonderful taste and satisfaction gained from growing home grown fruit and vegetables, but people are often surprised at the variety of flowers in their gardens that are edible too. Some flowers have a strong peppery taste and so are good for adding flavour to dishes like salads, others have...
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Apartment Homesteading

You live in the city, and you LIKE your urban lifestyle. Yet you like the idea of being self-sufficient, eating organic produce, making homemade food, paying less for groceries, being more independent... (more…)...
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