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Let the land nurture you.

Nettles – Food for Free

If you are strapped for cash, or simply love country walks, but only if there's a purpose to them, why not start foraging for food? Spring is coming and plants that are edible are pushing their way out of the cold winter ground. Soon it will be time to pick young nettle tops and make...
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Lambs Quarters

I told the new apprentice we were having lamb's quarters for dinner. "I won't have any. I'm a vegetarian," she replied. With a smile, I corrected myself. "Some people call it fat hen." (more…)...
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How to Make Money with Homegrown Tomatoes

It's fun to grow tomatoes in your own garden. As tomatoes start to ripen, you may realize you went overboard with the number of plants because you end up with more than you can eat in a year. While you can freeze many of them and give a few to your neighbors or family members,...
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Flowers You Can Eat – Nasturtiums

Flowers, so bright and cheerful, raise your vibe without even trying. Edible flowers take that energy into the centre of your being, especially when they also have medicinal properties like the gorgeous nasturtium. Their flowers are bright trumpets, heralding sunny days. As children we used to pick the nasturtium flowers, bite off the point at...
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How to Plan Your Garden Food Production for Self-Sufficiency

When you are new to trying your hand at growing your own food, it can be daunting to know where to begin. How do you plan a garden for food production? Is it possible to become self-sufficient in a short time? It's understandable to want to grow everything your first year. Experienced gardeners and homesteaders...
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Heart of The Self-Reliance Movement

Playing chicken the good way: Suburban and city coops showcase self-reliance movement

Americans across the country are taking strides to be more self reliant, including growing food, composting and raising animals. While these types of activities are most often associated with people who live in the country, residents in unexpected settings are embracing aspects of this...
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Homesteading Skills to Learn – Even on The Urban Homestead

There are many skills our grandparents had that have been lost today. Various homesteading skills are lost on the modern city dweller. Providing food and water for yourself are paramount. Knowing how to collect and purify water, from any source, including but not limited to rain, is a crucial skill in the event of disaster,...
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What Equipment You Need to Maintain a 3 Acre Homestead

There are some pieces of equipment that are really necessary to own to be able to keep your property in prime condition. There are of course lots of "toys" that would be nice to have but the expense of buying and maintaining them is far greater than just renting them once or twice a year....
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