Are Fresh Eggs from Pastured Poultry Healthier?

Are Fresh Eggs From Pastured Poultry Healthier?

Did you know the color of an egg yolk indicates how nutritious it is? How is an egg from a pastured hen different than an egg from confined factory hens? If you are used to a pale yellow runny yolk from a supermarket egg, you will be astounded and amazed at the color of an egg yolk from a pasture raised hen.

The color of a nutrient dense egg yolk is a very deep orange color. The deeper this color the more nutrients are packed into that delicious egg! The proof is in the color!

So what makes this color deeper in the egg from a pastured hen? The reason these eggs are so healthy is because the hens were out and about doing what Nature intended: scratching and pecking at seeds, bugs, fresh greens and getting plenty of sun. They were raised with no hormones, drugs or antibiotics.

In a 1932 study, chickens were confined and fed corn, soy, cottonseed meal or wheat. The results: hens either didn’t lay eggs or if they did, the chicks were diseased and most died. When these hens were kept on this same diet, but also put back on pasture the eggs were normal. Clearly, pastured hens and their eggs are the healthiest, yet today we are still confining poultry in factory settings!

Here is what is in that small package of perfect food:

o Vitamin D-these eggs have 3-6 times the amount of vitamin D than confined hen eggs.

o Omega-3’s-10 times the amount of a factory egg. Omega-3’s are very heart friendly essential fats. They lower blood pressure and help irregular heartbeat, and also lower your risk of heart attack. They help protect from Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, depression, attention deficit disorder and cancer.

o Vitamin E-is needed by those with diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and for the lungs and liver.

o Vitamins A,C and B12-essential vitamins needed by the body for numerous functions.

o Beta-carotene-reduces cancer and boosts the immune system.

o Folic acid-helps the body make new cells.

o Lutein and zeaxanthin-you won’t find these essential vitamins in a store bought egg or your multi-vitamin pill. They protect against macular degeneration and colon cancer.

Make sure the eggs you buy are from happy “pasture” raised hens. If the words on the carton say “certified organic”, “un-caged”, or “free range” this does not mean they had the benefits of being on pasture, but rather may have still been confined. Ask your grocer to start carrying these eggs or contact your health food store.

The Author:

Shanna Ohmes has studied herbs, nutrition, healthy eating, and naturalist studies through courses and self-study for 10 years. She has applied her knowledge with her family, friends, pets and livestock.

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