Aromatherapy: J-L

Aromatherapy: J-L

Aromatherapy: J-L

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Jasmine – Jasminum officinale

  • Promotes love, sex and sleep

Scent: Heavy and sweet.

Juniper – Juniperus communis

  • Promotes healing

Scent: Green
Extracted From: dried needles, ripe berries
Aromatherapy Properties: indigestion


Lavender – Lavandula officinalis

  • Good for health

Scent: Sweet, floral, slightly sharp.
Color: Pale yellow or colorless
Extracted From: Flowering spikes
Aromatherapy Properties: insomnia, diuretic,stomach ache, anxiety

To relieve anxiety add 8 drops Lavender oil to a hot bath.

Lemon – Citrus limon

  • Promotes health, healing and energy

Scent: Rich, fruity and warm.
Color: yellow
Extracted From: rind, fruit juice
Aromatherapy Properties: disinfectant, astringent


  • Purifies the body

Scent: Citrus, refreshing

Lemon Verbena

  • Increases feelings of love


  • Increases feelings of love


  • Promotes inner peace

Lily of The Valley

  • Improves memory

Scent: Sweet


  • Increases energy

Scent: Sweet

Essential Oils and Their Meanings

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