Aromatherapy: D-F

Aromatherapy: D-F

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Daffodil..... Increases feelings of love

Deer tongue..... Sexually arousing

Dill - Aniethum graveolens..... Sharpens the concious mind


Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus.....Promotes healing

Scent: Strong, fresh, camphor, minty
Colour: Colourless or pale yellow
Extracted From: leaves
Aromatherapy Properties: nasal and chest congestion, asthma, sore muscles, cuts and abrasions

Do not ingest Eucalyptus.


Fennel - Foeniculum vulgare..... Promotes longevity

Extracted From: seeds
Aromatherapy Properties: gas, nausea, coughs, nasal congestion, water retention, infant colic

Frankincense - Boswellia carteri.....Increases spirituality

Scent: Warm, rich, with an oriental flavor.
Color: Pale yellow or pale green
Extracted From: Tree gum
Aromatherapy Properties: Skin diseases, respiratory system. Calming effect on nervous system and helps to slow breathing. Well known for its apparent anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect on the skin. Add a few drops to the bath for relaxation.


Essential oils and their meanings

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